If 30 days have passed and you lost your receipt, TJ Maxx still allows you to return it, but the refund will be in the form of an in-store credit.

If a customer is unsatisfied with the purchase, there is an open option to return in-store purchases within 30 days and the recommended period for online shopping is 40 days. We have elaborated on all necessary details about TJ Maxx's return policy and answered the most asked queries to assist you.

What Is TJ Maxx Return Policy - Is It Customer-Friendly

There are plenty of options regarding the return policy to provide maximum customer satisfaction. TJ Maxx will always satisfy you if you are unsatisfied with the purchase or need a replacement. Here’s the detailed guide to different return policies offered by TJ Maxx:

TJ Maxx 30-Days Return Policy

From the day you purchase an item to 30 days, you have enough time to return it. Returning within a given period will make the process easier and provide a quick refund.

Delayed than 30 days will offer you a store credit equal to the product’s actual price.

TJ Maxx Return Policy Without Receipt

According to the official line of TJ Maxx, receipts make your returns easier and quicker. But you can return items even without a receipt. You can get store credit if you have lost the receipt.

However, you will need to provide a photo ID issued by the government with the name, signature, and address mentioned. This is a legal way to track returns to avoid any scams.

TJ Maxx Return Policy Without Tags

If you have removed the tags from clothes or other items, don’t worry. You can return items without tags as soon as the items are in sellable condition.

Tags must be present to return swimwear or intimate apparel.

Return Policy For Washed or Worn Clothes

The official policy of TJ Maxx doesn’t permit the return of items worn or washed. However, some pleading may help to convince the manager to accept your request for a return. This usually applies to clothes that are badly shrunk or lost color after a single wash.

But make sure the clothes you washed had similar instructions labeled to prevent any issues while discussing.

Holiday Return Policy

The holiday policy is quite suitable for purchases made between 16 October and 24 December; you can return those items by January 23rd.

After 25th December, the same 30-day return policy will be applicable.

Issuance of Refund

You will get a refund in the original form of payment or store credit after returning the items.

  • If you have a shipping email that confirms the 40 days of purchase, you will get a cash refund or charge credit.
  • If the confirmation email for shipping is after 40 days, you will get merchandise credit.
  • With the TJ Maxx gift receipt, you will again get store credit.
  • Without a receipt or confirmation email, you will receive store credit.

You will get your money back within 10-14 working days if your refund is approved.

How to Return An Online Order to TJ Maxx

The items you purchased from the TJ Maxx store can only be returned to a nearby local store. However, you can return the online purchased items by other means, which is not highly recommended due to shipping and handling costs of $9.99 or more.

How to Return An Online Order to TJ Maxx

Return Via Mail

If your items reach within 40 days of purchase to the TJ Maxx warehouse, you will get a refund.

For this, you will need to use the return shipping label.

A fee of $9.99 for shipping will be deducted from the refund or merchandise credit.

You should return items at your nearby TJ Maxx store to cut the shipping cost.

Return In-Store

You can return items if they are within the limit of 30 days. If items are in suitable condition to be returned, bring them to the store with a receipt or shipping confirmation email to avoid any issues.

Your signatures and a government-issued photo ID are required to return if you do not have a receipt.

Return Via PayPal

Purchases made by PayPal and returned to the store will also allow refunds in the form of a merchandise credit.

However, PayPal purchases returned via mail will offer charge credit with a deduction of $9.99.

Return Items With Gift Receipt

For gift receipts, you can return items but will get only store credit or a similar exchange.

You will not get any cash and the same time limit of 30 days is applicable.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Review

What You Can’t Return to TJ Maxx

There are some items you cannot return to TJ Maxx. Such as,

  • In-store purchases cannot be returned online.
  • Gift cards are not exchangeable with cash.
  • You cannot return items costing more than $1000 in-store.
  • Handbags costing more than $499.99 cannot be returned in-store.

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Wrapping Up

The TJ Maxx return policy is feasible for all customers, allowing in-store purchases to be returned within 30 days and online purchases within 40 days.

Having a receipt or proof of purchase is important to get refunds easily. You will get only merchandise credit without a confirmation email, payment proof, or receipt.

We hope this will clear all your confusion about returning items you recently purchased that are unsuitable for you.