You will have to put extra effort into returning the product if it is opened or unpacked. Additionally, you usually have 90 days starting from the day you get the shipment to return it to the merchant. They have lenient vacation policies that give customers more time off.

Target Return Policy

Target Return Policy - All Terms And Conditions

What Is The Time Duration To Return?

Those with a Red Card will be eligible for various policy perks because they will have an additional 30 days to return the item.

Do You Need A Receipt At All Times?

You must present your receipt to the retailer's shop to avoid being confronted with major issues. Returning an item without a slip is more difficult than returning one with a slip.

Policy Without Receipt

In the absence of a receipt, you may display the credit card or debit card transaction details. Holders of red cards may display their cards. If you fail to deliver anything to Target, you will be compensated with a gift card where you may get any other goods at the same price.

Electronics Return Policy

The devices have an unusual return policy that requires you to do so within a 30-day window.

Apple Products

On the other side, Apple products are relatively pricey and have a 15-day return policy. Therefore, think about these factors before purchasing these items.


According to the terms and conditions, the smartphones must are returned within 14 days.


You have to return the TV within 30 days of purchase. However, the holidays apply to the TV policy.

Video Games And Software

These are also brought back within 30 days. However, video games are now swapped out for their respective brands.

Targets Owned Items

If you're unsatisfied with a product from a Target-oriented brand, you have almost a year from the date of purchase to return or replace it. However, it would help if you had the physical or electronic barcode and packaging slip to prove that you made the transaction. The store will honor applicable coupons, promotions, or sale pricing on exchanged items. Discounts are available, but only with a verified receipt.

Online Return Policy

If you have the original receipts, you may return anything you purchased from the Target website or mobile app to any retailer's physical locations or send it back to Target by mail. Before bringing the item to a UPS location, complete the return process online and print out an address to send the parcel to if you want to send the product back through something other than standard mail. On the return, there will not be any charges incurred.

Holidays Policy

The period for returning any items bought between October 1 and December 25 will begin on December 26. It applies to any products purchased before the start of the Christmas season.

Open Items

Yes, returns are accepted at Target, even for items that have been opened. If you still have an item you purchased from Target within the last 90 days, you may return it to the store and obtain either a refund or an exchange. But the process is a bit complicated to ensure the product is not used or damaged. They have the right to refuse if it is opened and unsatisfied.

What Is Not Returned

Despite Target's liberal return policy, there are a few things you can't obtain a refund on. In addition to the goods previously stated, the following are also ineligible:

  • Damaged or incomplete artifacts such as action figures, sports cards, or limited-edition Barbie dolls.
  • Gift cards for specific businesses, such as dining, amusement parks, or even the lottery.
  • A comparable item is exchanged for air mattresses.
  • Modified Items.
  • Downloads.
  • Target stores accept returns of gas-powered products like lawnmowers, and the products must be fully empty. If you notice a potentially harmful substance within, please call Target Services.

Additional Advice for Target Returns

It is beneficial to understand more details about returning products to Target. Other considerations include the following:

Additional Advice for Target Returns
  • Please note that credit card refunds may take up to five business days to post that it is not a Target Red Card.
  • Goods returns cards are only redeemable at Target stores, and their balances may only be checked and used there.
  • Call their helpline to speak with a customer service representative about the possibility of scheduling a pickup for large goods such as furnishings and electrical gadgets purchased at

How To Return The Product To The Target?

You have different options to return it.

  • You can send it back to the original store via mail or post.
  • You can go to the store by yourself to return. You can also return a gift to the store if you have a receipt.

Further information is on a Worldwide Market Global Return Policy. All you have to do is go to this useful website.


Do All Target Locations Accept Returns Of Purchased Items?

Sure, you can send it back if you change your mind about any of the targets store. You also send the item via online delivery if you want to send it to a specific store.

Why Does Target Refuse To Take Back Your Product?

Simply it will not fall under the return category, or you must fulfill all their return policies. The product might need to be fixed or used.

Do Targets Have The Right To Deny The Product Return?

Yes, they refuse to take back any product if it does not fill the return policies.

What's With Target's ID Requirement For Returns?

Whenever customers send a product back to a shop, they may want to see the driving permit or another government ID. This is done so they can track your purchases and detect any potential cases of refund theft or misuse.


Target has a simple policy to return the good within 90 days. At the same time, it may take some time for the amount received on the debit cards. The Red card holders enjoy extra days benefit.