The clay-based composition becomes a lightweight foam when activated with water. It's already texturized, so all the work is done for you. As you use it to buff away dirt and grime, you'll be rewarded with a surface that's astonishingly smooth and shiny.

Scrub Daddy Power Paste Plus Scrub Mommy Review

What's Inside The Box?

Inside, you will find a product that is referred to as Mommy scrub. Included in the package is also a paste. To prepare the mother scrub for use, you will first add some paste to it. In addition, you may clean up the regions you are working on. This product has three components, yet its applications are limitless. We call this a super-effective cleansing paste.

What's Inside The Box
  • There aren't any harmful substances involved.
  • There are no odors.
  • There is no need for any hard work.

Where To Use

  • It is used to clean stubborn grease off kitchen surfaces—utensils containing food stains, and messes on the floor.
  • The tough spots in the bathroom are no match for it. To remove mineral buildup, grime, mildew, and other nasties accumulating in and around the bathroom sink and shower.  There's more to it than just a quick wipe-off at the end of the day. The added protection compounds the polishing effect.
  • The granite and glass in your house are also suitable matches. Just a quick rinse will give a lustrous gloss that will hold up.
  • You may get a month's cleaning supplies from just one bundle. The shoe cleaning solution is environmentally safe and biodegradable. Scrub Daddy is perfect for households who wish to minimize the number of cleaning tools they need while maintaining reliable, high-quality cleaning supplies. The sponges come in so many cheerful designs that it's possible that using them will make cleaning up a bit quite enjoyable for kids.

Commercial Uses

Although Scrub Daddy is primarily a household brand, its applications are not limited to the domestic sphere.

  • The company's inventor originally targeted car body cleaning with this product. Therefore, the Scrub Daddy can handle oil and other difficult-to-remove car surfaces.
  • Scrub Daddy's goods would be useful in any field where messes are inevitable. Considering the prevalence of dirty plates and tables at cafes, they would be well-suited for use in workplaces and daycare centers.
  • Cleaning companies would also benefit from using these products due to their adaptability and the fact that most messes are cleaned with nothing more than water. Making them ideal for those who tidy various coatings and mucks but wish to minimize the number of techniques they bring and their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

How Does It Work On Different Surfaces?

Power Paste is a buffing and polishing product that contains no harsh chemicals. This compound is strong enough to do the job without dish wiping, but they both enhance its effectiveness. This multipurpose cleaner rinses glosses and prevents a wide variety of areas. Its inherent grit increases the effectiveness of dish scrubbers in addition to standard dish scrubber solutions at removing sticky debris. Excellent for utilization in any room. With the addition of a floor cleaner, it is used effectively on bathroom floors as well. The Scrub Mommy features two sides: a firm abrasive surface for cleaning and a smooth, absorbent foamy surface for rinsing off or mild cleansing.

How To Apply It

  1. If you soak it in cold water, it will become harder to work with. In addition, if you apply warm water to it, it will become softer.
  2. To make suds, wet Scrub Mommy, rub on the solution, and compress till you notice a lot of foam. After a good scrubbing, sweep away the debris. A small quantity of paste is applied to a scrub.
  3. Scrub it into the surface of anything. You can apply the paste a second time during the cleaning process.
  4. The condition of your item will decide the outcome of this. The grease is removed from your item in a very systematic manner. Now remove all traces of it with a fresh cloth.
How To Apply It

Should You Spend Money On Scrub Daddy?

Because of Scrub Daddy's adaptability, you may simplify the housekeeping supply closet without damaging the surfaces. It's obvious how their items are so popular with buyers. Scrub Daddy is an affordable alternative to other traditional cleansing equipment since it is long-lasting, non-toxic, acceptable for all to handle, won't damage all ordinary objects, and resists odors and stains. It costs at most 10 dollars if you buy it from Walmart. In conclusion, if you require a product that can quickly and effectively clean stubborn stains, we highly suggest this one.


The use of this product is simple when applied to hard surfaces. Grease and grime on equipment and surfaces are removed easily. At the bonus, there is a thorough discussion of the Costco Gingerbread House Kit. Children will have fun putting together this Santa kit since it is simple.