If you want to treat yourself to some delicious sorbet in the summertime, they are the perfect decorative addition to your dessert table. This sweet treat consists of frost cream encased in the shells of various fruits.

Costco Island Way Sorbet

What's the Cost?

You will get these 12 fruity shells at Costco for almost 15 dollars. So it is more than a dollar for each shell.

What's Inside The Box?

They are conveniently packed in a plastic wrapping for each flavor, making them ideal for parties where guests are given their sweet treat. They are also natural, without any added flavors or colors. These little shells are well-packed and look good from the outside. When you hold it, it is a tricky little bit. You should put something in your hand and a shell to grip it. It includes the following flavors:

  • 3 Red Berry
  • 3 Heavenly Coconut
  • 3 Passionate mangoes
  • 3 Zesty pomegranate
What's Inside The Box

Where To Get Them?

Some supermarkets sell the same product, but the perfect location to get it is at Costco. You can purchase them at Costco; not only are they tasty, but the quality is excellent as well. The tasty sorbet is available in the same frozen area as the other sweets.

Nutritional Facts

There are 12 individual packets in the box, each containing three portions of one of four flavors. Nutritional values vary widely throughout the four varieties. However, the same quantity of calories is present in several flavors of the actual item. Some of the flavors in the package are lower in calories, while others are a little greater.

Nutritional Facts






Passionate Mango 

1 gm


15 gm

Ruby Red Berry

2 gm


26 gm

Zesty Pomegranate

1 gm


15 gm


Heavenly Coconut

9 gm



3 gm

How Does It Taste Like?

Costco has several options if you're looking for an enjoyable snack. A New Approach to cut shell makes it stand out from the others and gives you the distinct impression that you've been whisked away to a tropical paradise. Fresh lemon juice is invigorating and refreshing, making it a fantastic complement. Despite its delicious flavor, this fruit lacks the distinctive pomegranate flavor of its namesake. The silky fruits have a raspberry-like flavor and aroma. The lemon sample has the minimum amount of sugar. Those who like fruitier, less soft frozen sweets may enjoy them while sharing no taste profile with ice cream.

Red Berries

You'll find it with berry, strawberry, and passion fruit tastes in a bright red grapefruit crust. The berry tastes harmonize well, making for a refreshing dessert. The grapefruit peel and the small quantity of grapefruit juice make the grapefruit taste overwhelming.


It's hard to find a better pomegranate juice. It is a lovely shade of rosy pink and comes in a lemon shell in moderate size. It is balanced between sharp and sugary, and the lemon taste is undeniable. This one has the freshest taste among the four options sold by Costco.


The biggest of them is Coconut, which tastes as good as its title suggests. It is wonderful and smooth, and the coconut husk is a great addition. It is delightfully sweetened, and the coconut taste is subtle. You will like it.


The fervent mangoes taste the least impressive of the bunch. It's fine, but it tastes just like any other mango. The Mango's enthusiasm could have been better, but its taste was well-balanced and not too sweet. The orange rind adds a lovely citrusy flavor to the snack.

Is It Healthy?

Refrigerated sorbet is a delicious delicacy that is often made from fruit. Most sorbets feature an amount of glucose and often artificial tastes and colors. In contrast to sorbets created with synthetic fruit tastes, those prepared with natural fruit have some health benefits, including vitamin C and fiber. Sorbet is a frozen dessert that does not normally include dairy, except for sherbet, ice cream, and custard. If you have a dairy allergy but are craving sorbet, you should know that certain Island Way items include milk.


To sum up, the ultimate verdict is up to the individual's preferences and sense of taste. Some people may like one flavor over another, while others may find that the two are distinctly different. For this reason, if you purchase any, you should share it with your family. You would like to know where to get the acai berry packets at Costco. We recommend you follow the link since we've already done your hard work.