But everything is not liked by everyone. There are many questions regarding Kohl's customers; one prominent among them is about Kohl's return policy.

One of the biggest return policies ever is widely regarded as being offered by Kohl's. Kohl's return policy is a favorable one in terms of return policies. They have friendly customer service when it comes to returning the purchase; in short, their policy is very flexible in every term.

Now, it's time to discuss Kohl's return policy. So, let's get to the point without any further blaa blaa!

Do Kohl's Returns Have A Time Limit?

Like many brands, Kohl's does not have an anytime return policy. If you want to return it and get the money back, the thing you have bought should be sent back with the return time specified by the company.

Most of the products produced by Kohl's have a six-month deadline to return the item (180 days). Both online and in-store purchase has the same deadline. Here are some of their productions, along with their time limit, which has different duration than others:

  • Electronic items have 30 days to return the product.
  • Beauty products have 60 days to return.

What Is Kohl's Return Policy When Accompanied By A Receipt?

What Is Kohl's Return Policy

A receipt is necessary for you to have if you have bought something from Kohl’s. Receipt makes the process of returning lenient for one. It is possible to return the product to Kohl's according to the specified period, which is 180 days. But, as mentioned, some products have different times, so it is necessary to follow that limit.

What Happens If You Don't Have Lost Your Receipt to Return To Kohl's?

While it is possible to return things to Kohl's without a receipt, the procedure becomes more difficult. When returning the purchase, a store employee can typically look up your transaction at the Desk of Customer Service if you are going to use a Kohl's card to make the purchases or a Kohl's account.

If you don't have a receipt, you will receive a credit or the fund you have paid. Credit will be rewarded quickly, and you will receive the refund after the investigation. The investigation process will take about one to two weeks, and you will receive the money.

Kohl's do this investigation due to the fraud returns. You may have to go through the investigation process if you think of returning the item and have lost the receipt.

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Can We Return Washed Or Worn Items To Kohl’s?

Although Kohl's official return policy page doesn't include used clothing, rumors on the market claim that we can return slightly worn clothing to Kohl's. One can also return the cloth that is being washed.

When you return used products to Kohl's, including garments without labels and sometimes even lightly worn footwear without the box, they often won't ask any questions. But for their every production, they don't have such a policy.

However, if the item sent to them is damaged, they will not take it back and will refuse the return. So, one should always be aware of this. You always have the right to return the product if you are unsatisfied with it. However, it's crucial to understand that this behavior is even returning abuse. As a result, avoid making it a habit.

What Is The Procedure For Return The Product At Kohl's?

What Is The Procedure For Return The Product At Kohl's

There are a few steps you can follow to return your purchase:

  • Find a Kohl's store where you want to return the item. But if you have bought online, you don't have to do it. One has to pay for the shipping cost to send back the item. But you will receive a full refund in a very short time if you do so.
  • Then, find the receipt if you want to return it in-store. It's always good to take a photo of the receipt when the product is being purchased. It's better to have a duplicate copy or photo of the receipt than to find the receipt in the whole house.
  • If you don't have the receipt, it's still possible to return the purchase. At the Customer service desk, they will look for the purchase and will refund. Sometimes, one may have to go through the investigation process to take the fund back.
  • If you have a receipt, go to the customer service desk; after looking at the documents, your refund will be returned.

What's The Procedure for returning The Product Online Via Mail?

Now, shipping the returns is an easy option to get a refund if one doesn't want to or is unable to return the items in-store. Follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • First, go to the order history and print the invoice from their website.
  • Then, please fill out the return form, which is available on their website. You have to fill in the information like the order number, which product is being returned, the reason for returning it, and the shipping address. And then print that return form.
  • Pack the item in a box with the invoice and return form. It's recommended to return the product in the original packing.
  • Ship the purchase to the address mentioned on their official website.
  • Wait for the refund; you will receive money in 7-10 days, so have a look at your bank account after the time limit.

Can We Exchange The Item At Kohl’s?

One who wants to exchange the product can surely do it. In short, Kohl's also has an exchange policy. The time to exchange the product is the same as the returning the item.


Kohl's is considered a great brand that includes various types of products. Its return policy is also very attractive as great as the brand. Kohl's return policy is very lenient compared to other brands, and their time to return is also amazing.

The period to return the product is 180 days. We hope this blog will serve you in all possible ways. Please let us know in the comment box below if you have any suggestions. We will appreciate your action!