It's full of delicious berries, each with its unique taste. The granola recipe is an extra ingredient that boosts the whole bowl's healthfulness. Eat the whole serving of delicious fruit and get delighted with this yummy stuff.

Costco Acai Bowl Frozen

What's Inside The Bag?

You'll be pleasantly delighted when you remove the plastic covering the six acai bowls within the package. They are all frozen. Along with these bowls, there are six individual granola serving packets. Acai has few calories, is fat-free, has no gluten, and is vegan. Mixing açai with other fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas will increase your smoothie's flavor, nutritional value, and antioxidant power. In case you'd want, you may sprinkle on some coconut granola.

Nutritional Information

  • There are 180 total calories
  • The amount of potassium is 270mg
  • The fat is in total 8 grams
  • The total iron quantity is 1mg
  • The total calcium is 30 mg
  • The quantity of vitamin d is o.1mcg
  • The total protein is 3 grams
  • The sugar quantity is 12 grams
  • The dietary fiber is 6 grams in total
  • The Total carbs are 29 grams
  • The sodium quantity is 15 mg
  • The cholesterol is 0

What Is The Cost?

It cost approximately 12 dollars. However, you can get it at a fair discount price at the Costco store.

How To Prepare A Bowl?

There are two methods to prepare these. You can use the microwave own to pop it up. On the other hand, you can let it sit at room temperature for 40 to 45 minutes mentioned on the box. However, it may take more time to defrost in real. You have to spare at least an hour for satisfactory results.

How To Prepare A Bowl

If you are using the oven to defrost these bowls, follow these instructions.

  1. You have to put it inside the oven for at least 40 seconds.
  2. After that, stir it.
  3. Then put the granola packet on it. You need one granola packet for one bowl. Now mix it, and the meal is ready to eat.

After it has been well blended, the acai bowl's hue is a deep brownish red, which seems very attractive. Each particle receives brighter hues, scents, and, most significantly, a satisfying crunchy from the coating made up of coconut granola.

How Does It Taste Like?

The bowl is decent in size. It has blueberries and strawberries. It feels smooth when you taste it. It looks like a jam in its outer texture. On the one side, it feels pretty sweet. The taste of the strawberry is more of unsweetened frozen berries. It is a delicious little treat. The acai gives this meal a lot of depth with its nice sourness and lack of sweetness. The acai bowl also includes blended berries and bananas. Bananas provide much-needed sweetness, whereas berries are equally acidic and less sweet. Toppings like granola and coconut are standard on acai bowls, providing a welcome crunch and a touch of added sweetness. For those who have never had acai, the taste is similar to the flavor of blackberry and raspberry mixed with a little smoothness and richness.

How Healthy Is An Acai Bowl?

With its high levels of antioxidants, the açai fruit has several beneficial impacts on human health. The acai berry is the opposite, unlike other fruits, which typically contain a lot of sugar but very little fat. The acai berry is only one component of the acai bowl, which also often includes other fruits, nuts, and cereals. The popularity of açai bowls in the nutrition and fitness industry may have you questioning if the fruits within stand up to the claims about them. But it turns out that açai is the real thing, so you should consider adding this fruit to your diet. Antioxidants present in a variety of purple and red berries are known to have anti-inflammatory and chronic disease-preventative effects, and acai berries have an especially high concentration of these compounds. There is a wealth of evidence showing anthocyanins have positive health effects.

Reasons Why We Love The Acai Bowl From Costco

A serving of acai has just a few hundred calories at most. Vegan is included in the meal. This item is gluten-free and does not include any of it. It is a delicacy that is tasty and advantageous to your health in various ways. The diet is entirely natural, providing an adequate supply of fiber and iron in substantial quantities. This product's primary selling advantages are that it does not contain cholesterol and is organically certified.

Is It Worthwhile To Include The Coconut Granola?

These bowls are a great nutritious meal when you simply have the Acai and fruits. Calories, carbohydrates, and fat all rise dramatically when coco granola is included. Without any extras, a bowl of acai makes for a nice sweet or savory snack. Every bowl is a good 6 oz in volume, and at just calories, it's a steal. 2grams of fats are perfectly fine, as are the fruit-based carbohydrates that make up most of the meal's 19 grams of total carbohydrates.


Therefore, this acai bowl is a full meal that is tasty and beneficial to one's health. It works as well as a light snack or an evening meal. Similar to acai bowls, there are also acai packets available at Costco. They are unique in taste and a great alternative to these bowls you can get. Read the helpful guide here on the same topic.