Be certain to find one that works for your occasion among the many different flavors and sizes available. Their rates begin at only $11.99, making it simple to stick to a strict financial plan. So, why do you linger? Ordering your cake early is recommended since they tend to sell out quickly before an event. You will find the answer to the question about how to order a cake from Costco at the end of this article.

Why I should buy cakes from Costco is the question you might be asking. The following reasons will ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to order from them.

1. They're ridiculously low-priced

Cakes of comparable size may be purchased for $24 at BJ's, another warehouse club, and almost $25 at Walmart. Costco removed them from stores in 2020, so you may have to make a special request or place an advance purchase to get your hands on any.

2. The Costco cakes are a lifesaver

One half-sheet cake from Costco may easily feed 48 people. If you divide the total cost by how many people will be eating from the prepared meal, you'll find that each individual will only have paid 39 cents.

3. Only two tastes are available

Costco offers two types of cakes: a "white cake," sometimes known as vanilla, and a "chocolate cake." The former is a vanilla-flavored sheet cake topped with cheesecake mousse and iced with white buttercream. The latter has a chocolate twist with a chocolate sheet cake, mousse filling, and buttercream frosting.

4. Costco cake is available for immediate takeout

Costco's bakery area always has a variety of pre-made sheet cakes available, including e and themed varieties (such as those with birthday inscriptions or seasonal motifs) for every occasion.

Price List for Cakes at Costco

how to order a cake from costco

The cakes at Costco are so famous that they often run out. For this reason, it is advisable to be well-versed in the various Costco cakes pricing before making the trip. You may save money and obtain the perfect cake if you know what to look for. Keep reading to learn more about Costco’s many cake selections and prices.

Incredible Bakery Goods from Costco

how to order a cake from costco

Costco's bakery is your best option for delicious, reasonably-priced cakes. Whether you're looking for a sheet cake or something more personalized, you'll find it on the broad menu. As a bonus, the Costco crew are masters of cake design, so the cake will look fantastic no matter the theme you pick. Don't hesitate to try a Costco cake for your next party or special occasion. Fruit cake from Costco is renowned for being excellent and popular due to its abundance of fruit and distinctive taste. The fresh fruit and vanilla sponge cake pieces make this cake very creamy and tasty.

There's a reason why Costco's Holiday fruit cake has grown so popular: it's delicious. Costco cheesecake is the perfect delicious after-dinner dessert or sweet treat to fulfill your sweet appetite. Pick up a piece (or two!) of Costco cheesecake today if you're in the market for a cheap yet yummy treat.

Sheet Cakes at Costco: A Tasty Menu

how to order a cake from costco

Inexpensive and excellent food may be found in plenty at Costco. The sheet cake they sell is not an exception. A Costco sheet cake may not initially seem like a very exciting buy. Nonetheless, when considering this alternative’s benefits, it is easy to see why it is among the most popular purchases made by customers. These are just a handful of the many reasons why Costco's sheet cake is so well-known:

As a primary benefit, it comes at a lower price than expected. Plus, it's available in various sizes to suit your needs. When it comes to sheet cakes, nobody does it better than Costco. So, if you're searching for a dessert that will wow your guests without breaking the bank, go no further than the Costco sheet cake!

How long does it take to get a cake order from Costco?

Since they don't have an online cake ordering service, they suggest that you place your order with the bakery in their local Costco warehouse. Remember that you need to fill out an order form and give them two days' notice before pickup or delivery so that they may test out different flavor combinations to get the finest one. Or it must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. Make sure your order for an edible gift is placed at least a day in advance if you want it delivered on time.

Can you get a cake from Costco if you call or purchase it online?

Regarding food and other things, Costco is well-known for its low prices, but it may be tough to obtain one of the company's most popular options, a personalized cake! The only way to place an order is by faxing it to a select number of retailers since the firm does not have an online system for ordering or a phone call.

Cake Selection Form for Costco

There is a wide selection of cakes available at Costco. Cakes for all occasions may be found at Costco, including birthday, anniversary, and wedding cakes. Try anything from Costco's cake selection! Please choose the right cake for your next party from our wide selection of flavors and sizes. Costco’s low pricing also allows you to save cash without sacrificing quality. So, why do you linger? Check out the Costco bakery selection right now!

You can see how Costco Cakes Order Form looks above.


The cakes at Costco vary in size from big to enormous. Each huge cake may feed a family of four for two meals or a single individual for fourteen days. It is based on the assumption that you consume a slice daily. These monstrous cakes are best served at weddings and other huge celebrations. This article has perhaps helped you get all the relevant information you were looking for.