All of these chairs have impressive features and personalities. If you are looking for a conservative and pretty-looking beach chair at a reasonable price, you are at the right place.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs at Costco

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs At Costco - Specifications

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs At Costco - Specifications

Shoulder Straps

It comes with padded shoulder straps that you can adjust to fit your body exactly as you want them to. To put it another way, your back will welcome the convenience.


The handle's thermoplastic construction makes it lightweight and easy to transport to sandy destinations.


The chair's detachable backrest is used like a headrest. This cotton stuffing in the headrest is supple and comfy to lay your head on.


Locks are used to keep the rods of the chair tight. The mechanism locks into place when the chair is fully extended.

Straps And Grips

Because it includes straps, you'll have no trouble transporting it to the beach with you. One of those rubber grips is attached to the very top of each one of them.


A storage compartment to the seat's right is large enough to accommodate a regular water bottle. In addition, a mobile phone pouch may be uncovered and concealed as needed.

Weight Capacity

The superior design behind the metal structure makes it strong enough to support 300 lbs and foldable, nice, and light. The beach chair comes in at about 10 pounds.

Different Positions

You have five options, giving you complete control over how you want to rest on this chair. It will tilt in a couple of distinct directions at the same time.


The internet store for Costco has this chair for the lowest price possible, almost $40. Compared to other stores, the price of a Bahama chair sold at Costco is much lower and more reasonable.

Other Features

  • On the back of the chair are pockets where you can store your stuff. You may put a variety of things in them to store them for you. The bottom pouch has plenty of room. If you want to clean the pouches, you can't take them out of the case. On the other hand, they are relatively easy to take them out and clean after use.
  • The upper pouch of the bag has more space than the smaller one, so it may hold a greater quantity of essentials. The construction of the chair is quite strong. It keeps its good aesthetics and performs well.
  • In addition, they provide a handy location for you to put your towel or umbrella. The fact that the cushion on this chair is moved around is an additional perk.

How To Open And Close The Chair

Regular visitors at the beach often choose Tommy Bahama chairs. This chair is simple to assemble but sometimes difficult to fold up.

Opening Method

The opening procedure is rather straightforward. Take the buckles off to open it. Luckily, these chairs are quickly removed by pressing on the steel rod in the rear seat.

Closing Method

  • When you wish to fold the chair and store it away in a different location. The method of closing the char is by taking it up and forcing the two rods together in the same direction.
  • When you're ready to move the chair, just put it on with belts or grab the rubber grip and go. Having done so, setting up the chair for subsequent trips to the beach is a snap.


Each leg has a little tube on the interior to keep the legs in place. You will feel it under your legs, which might make you feel unpleasant. However, it is not a major concern.


Is It Easy To Relax On A Tommy Bahama Chair?

These Chairs are one of the top picks because of their many useful features, such as a storage compartment, a cooler compartment, and a headrest removable from the chair.

Would You Spend Your Money On A Beach Chair?

If you're going to the beachfront, you should bring a beach chair so that you don't get grit in the pants and don't strain your back. Whether you purchase a chair for such a beach, you want to ensure you get the greatest one. Ideally, one that doesn't fail on the first usage and has some interesting options.

What Is The Best Method For Keeping A Tommy Bahama Chair Looking New?

To wipe, use a gentle cloth and a solution of two teaspoons of gentle laundry detergent in a liter of hot water. Please refrain from using any products that include chemicals, or commercial cleansers.

What To Consider While Picking Out A Beach Chair?

Aluminum, which has a higher resistance to salt and a slower rate of corrosion than other metals, is the metal of choice for the frame of a decent beach chair since it is both lightweight and readily transportable.

Does The Tommy Bahama Beach Chair Rust?

Take a load off with this high-end backpacking chair. This chair is made of aluminum, so it won't rust and folds up small enough to transport without effort. It is reclined to 5 distinct stances when fully extended, making it ideal.


This chair set from Costco is a great buy at a low price. Do yourself a favor and acquire some of these chairs for your next summer at the beach. For more summertime relaxation, here is still another excellent option. You may sit in style and comfort knowing that this chair is excellent. Find out more about the Swinging Rio Hammock Chair available at Costco.