To sweeten things up, they are dipped in chocolate. It has a flavor that combines milk and white chocolate.

Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries At Costco

Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Where To Find At Store?

You may get this box of strawberries in the frozen food area of the Store.

What Inside The Bag?

The bag is completely stuffed with strawberries covered in chocolate. They are consumed at any convenient moment. Remove the cover from the bag, and you can eat your frozen strawberries. The bag is secured with a zipper, allowing you to zip it up and save any leftover strawberries for later consumption.

What Inside The Bag

Flavor & Taste

The strawberry is coated in white chocolate, with a layer of milk chocolate on top. You can chew it, and the cold sensation on the teeth is normal. These chocolate-covered strawberries are a certain hit. Chocolate is a little diet cheat if you try to stick to your regular eating routine. It has a pleasant taste and melts quickly on the tongue. Both chocolate coating has similar but complementary tastes, making them difficult to distinguish. Sweet, ripe berries covered in a thick layer of chocolate are Ideal for celebrating an anniversary. The chocolates have a pleasant flavor and are of excellent standard. They taste just as cocoa strawberries should.

Flavor & Taste


The price is close to 11 dollars, which may vary depending on the area and the seasonal offerings. Therefore, it is a price that is fairly reasonable for such delicious strawberries.


There are just three elements on the short list of ingredients: strawberry, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. They may include soy, almonds, and dairy, but no gluten. Berries are superior to chocolate because they include vitamin C and antioxidants, both lacking in chocolate.

Special Instructions

On the packaging, there are very few directions to follow. It includes that after the package has been opened, the strawberries are consumed within 48 hours for optimal quality. You will want to keep it in a cool location for storage. After opening the bag for the first time, you should wait for up to 15 minutes before eating the strawberries.

Nutritional Value

  • The total number of calories is 90
  • There are 5 grams of fat
  • The total number of carbohydrates is 10.
  • The fiber quantity is 0
  • The total number of protein is 1 gram.
  • The total number of sugar is 15 grams.

You may get delicious frozen items at Costco, some of which are stored in the freezer section. The fruits are at the very top of the list of things to look for. You'll find all you need about Costco's frozen fruit here.

How To Store Tru Fru Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

Although these strawberries will keep well in the fridge, they taste best just after being opened. Strawberries lose their firm texture and become mushy after being stored for more than 48 hours due to their high water content. These chocolate-covered strawberries taste best after being left at room temperature for 15 minutes. When served cold, the chocolate coating over strawberries is delicious and brittle.

What's Not Good About These Strawberries?

If you are concerned about your health, you could discover that these berries contain more sugar. You may find them too sweet if you do not have a sweet tooth. In addition, before using them effectively, you need to bring them back to room temperature. It is not possible to preserve it for an extended amount of time.


So that's all we have for you now on the frozen chocolate-flavored strawberries. It is better to consume these strawberries within a specific time frame.