According to the packaging, the Mandarin Orange Chicken comes from the breast and ribs of the chicken meat. There are three possible ways to cook this chicken. Using an air fryer is the top method of preparation.

Crazy Cuizine Costco Orange Chicken

Where Do You Get It From, Costco?

To purchase the orange chicken, go to their freezer sections. It will be simple for you to locate there.

What Is The Cost?

The orange chicken costs close to 14 dollars. However, you will often get it on sale.

What Is The Cost

What Are The Contents Of The Box?

You will find two packets of frozen orange chicken when you open the box. These have a coating of plastic over them to protect them. In addition to that, you will get two sausages by Mandarin. Everything, including the chicken packets, is stored at a colder temperature. If you look at the sauce, it is just like a frozen paste.

Nutrition Information

  • A total of 5 ounces of chicken are included in the bag with the sauce.
  • This meal has 260 calories in total.
  • The total includes 7 grams of fat.
  • 35 grams of carbs make up the whole serving.
  • The overall amount of protein is 13 grams.

How To Cook The Meal? - Air Fryer Method

  1. You should add the sauce package to a glass of warm water. It raises the sauce's temperature to take on its typical form. It won't take long for it to defrost.
  2. The fryer should be preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as directed on the packaging. Open The packet and just put the chicken pieces in the fryer. After that, cooking the frozen chicken pieces in the fryer will take up to 20 minutes.
  3. The frozen chicken pieces are baked effortlessly in the air fryer. They're ready once they turn golden and look crispier.
  4. After cooking, arrange the chicken pieces in a dish and add the sauce for taste. Carefully stir the sauce in the bowl. The sauce is just the right quantity and will cover the whole bowl. It is now ready to eat for you.

Oven Technique

  1. Crack open the chicken package. Then place the chicken pieces on the foil paper. On the foil, distribute the entire chicken pieces evenly.
  2. Now 15 minutes are required to bake it inside the oven. Take it outside after the specific time. The chicken will have a golden or brown color.
  3. Then add it to the bowl and evenly distribute the sauce. Please wait a little while before eating it.

Note: This mouthwatering dish may also be made using rice as the base ingredient. You can find the recipe here if you are wondering where it is.

mouthwatering dish may also be made using rice


When you take a bite of this sauce, you'll notice that it has a much sweeter flavor. However, the chicken has a more delicious flavor and a crispier exterior. It has the texture of a chicken nugget. However, there is an excessive amount of breading on the chicken. Even if the flavor won't blow your mind, it still has a good taste, and the next time you could find yourself wanting to eat even more of it.

Some Additional Tips On Serving The Orange Chicken

Steamed Broccoli

Because orange chicken may include a trace amount of fat, it is essential to provide a variety of toppings that are less rich but still satisfying.

Broccoli that has been steamed is an option that is both risk-free and beneficial. To finish, sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and chili flakes over the top.


Even though it takes very little time to prepare, cucumber salad adds a pop of color and a variety of textures to almost any meal with a Chinese-inspired theme. Cucumbers are sliced into thin pieces, and minced red chilies are added before serving. You may enjoy the salad at a later time by storing it in the refrigerator.


Although serving potatoes with orange chicken is a deviation from the usual, doing so is a certain method to ensure that everyone eats enough to satisfy their hunger. If you are cooking meals for individuals who are either not acquainted with Chinese cuisine or are fussy eaters, this may be a particularly beneficial tip to keep in mind.


When Did The Chicken From Costco Become Chewy?

The answer is simple if you're wondering how the chicken at Costco is so sticky. , since broilers are grown quickly, the chicken they produce contains more fibrous material, making it tougher and chewier to consume. In those other terms, the chicken from larger birds tends to be more robust.

Is The Orange Chicken At Costco Already Prepared?

This chicken has already been cooked and snap-chilled. Despite this, you should refrain from defrosting it completely and consume it. It is usually baked in the microwave or fried in a pan on the stovetop. The instructions on the package state that you should cook it.


You can now easily make this delightful dish at your home with the help of this guide. In addition, Costco has a wide selection of high-quality frozen foods that are simple to prepare. This post also includes all the details you'll need to buy a frozen pizza from Costco.