Splash Pads At Costco

In the summer, we all want to be outside.

But if you have young kids, you know that only some are ready to be supervised. They might not be old enough to swim, or they could get lost in the crowd. That'That'se splash pads come in! Splash pads are safe alternatives to swimming pools, allowing kids to cool off and have fun without the risks associated with open water.

They are a great way for families to enjoy summer activities together—and keep everyone safe simultaneously.

These pads are outdoor water features that kids can run through and play in during summer. And now you can get your splash pad at Costco to have one of these awesome water features in your backyard.

Why would We want a splash pad? They're great because they keep kids entertained while you're busy doing other things around the house: like cooking or cleaning up after your children have turned your living room into an indoor mud pit. You can even use it as an ice-breaker when meeting new neighbors!

So if you've been looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids this summer, and if you don't want to spend hours cleaning up after them, check out our selection of splash pads at Costco.
Splash Pads At Costco

Types Of Splash Pads Available At Costco

There are many different types of splash pads available at Costco, each with unique features.

Kids Splash Pad

The first type is the "Kids" splash pad. It is designed for children but can also be used by adults who want to cool off or have fun with their kids. The Kids' splash pad has an inflatable slide that works with the water feature.

Family Splash Pad

The second type is the "Family" splash pad. This design is perfect for people who want to enjoy a fun day at the pool with their family members. This model includes a small pool area with stairs and ledges for access to the water. There are also inflatable toys available for play in this pool area.

This design does not include a slide like the Kids' splash pad does; instead, it features several inflatable toys that work with or without water flow from the main feature area.

Garden Splash Pad

Our most popular model is the "Garden" splash pad! This design features an open-air design that allows users to enjoy the fresh air while cooling off with their friends and family members at home or work! It also has two inflatable slides so everyone can enjoy sliding down together.

Wadding Pool

Another common type of splash pad at Costco is the wading pool. These pools are designed to be shallow enough for children to walk through while playing with their friends or siblings. They often come with benches around them so parents can relax while watching their children have fun in the sun.

Wadding Pool


The splash pad is a great addition to outdoor play areas and playgrounds, and children of all ages can use it. It can be a fun way to cool off on hot days and is also great for teaching kids about water safety.

Costco currently offers a splash pad designed for both commercial and residential use. The product is made from durable materials guaranteed to last for many years. It has an adjustable height to fit it in almost any location. Whether you're looking for something small or large, this splash pad has you covered!

The Splash Pad at Costco can be used all year round and provides hours of fun for kids of all ages! It's easy enough to install yourself without hiring professionals so that anyone can enjoy this fun activity.

The water stays cool enough to play in, even on hot days. The water shoots up into different jets, which makes it fun for kids to run around and chase each other to try to get them wet.

The only downside is that the splash pad doesn't have any shade, so if you plan on going during the day, you'll want to make sure your little one has sunscreen on before they go in.

Our new Splash Pad! Replacing our POPPED H20 Splash Pad from Costco

Things To Keep In Mind

The first thing to consider is the size of the splash pad. The larger the splash pad, the more people can enjoy it at once. Larger splash pads also tend to have more features and interactive play areas than smaller ones.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you'd like a water slide in your splash pad. Water slides are great for kids because they provide an exciting change of pace from just running around in the water. They also allow kids who cannot swim on their own an opportunity to enjoy themselves without feeling unsafe.

Parents with younger children must remember that most splash pads require an adult to stay on-site while children use them. It is because there are many dangers associated with using them, such as slipping on wet surfaces and falling stairs into deeper waters where they could drown before anyone notices what's happened.


The price of splash pads available at Costco is very reasonable. The price is usually close to $100, but you can get it for less than that if you are willing to wait until the end of the summer season. This product is great for kids who enjoy playing in the water and want something fun on hot days.

The splash pad is made of plastic and has many features that make it fun for all ages. If you are interested in buying one, check out your local Costco store today. If you want to make summer fun, try these summer balloons available at Costco.


It's time to get your kid on the water slide and splash pad. Costco has an amazing selection of splash pads and water slides that are perfect for your family. Whether you like to sit back and watch your kids play or get in on the action yourself, Costco has a splash pad that will fit your needs.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a water park when Costco can give you all this fun at an affordable price.