Neon zuru bunch water balloons are the ultimate party accessory. The  Buncho Balloons are the spotlight of the water balloon world.

You will need a minute or less to fill out almost 100fantastic self-tying water balloons. It's easy to make a lot of balloons and fill them with water from a hose or a sink faucet.

Put them to good use during an outdoor event, such as a BBQ, a pool party, or a backyard get-together.

Zuru Buncho Water Balloons At Costco - What Is Special?

You may be able to purchase this item right now from your neighborhood Costco warehouse for the price of cash and carry, depending on the circumstances. Say farewell to the hassle and mess of filling individual water balloons, and say yes to endless splishing and giggling fun with your new water balloons.

It is no longer necessary to spend time or effort manually tying water balloons; instead, you may connect, fill, and generate hundreds at once with their new technology.

Zuru Buncho Water Balloons At Costco

Some Fantastic Features

Stop Tying - The O-ring and instant filling technology developed by Buncho Balloons eliminates the need for customers to tie the balloons together. Because of the innovative self-sealing design of these water balloons, you can devote more of your time to playing the game.

When you have water balloon battles, use the most vibrant and eye-catching water balloons anybody has ever seen.

Neon Color - The balloons are arranged in a group of colors. The brand-new neon tones will be a terrific addition to your summer wardrobe.

Sustainability - The caps and stems used by Buncho Balloons are created using recycled plastic that is confirmed and traced, reducing the company's overall environmental impact. The balloon components are manufactured from the plant material and referred to as "natural rubber." Joining the initiative will help you bring in a more environmentally friendly summer.

What Are The Specs?

  • A Grouping of Five Bundles (420 Balloons in one pack).
  • 2100 water balloons that have a self-sealing valve and can fill up quickly.

Caution: Not appropriate for children less than three years old.

What Else Is Included In The Package?

Each of the five bundles in the package has 420 water balloons, which means the set includes more than enough balloons for a balloon fight. In addition, there is a basin for water balloons with a twenty- inches circumference.

Connect some of them to your water source and fill them until they have a diameter of around four to five inches. Please ensure the balloons are lying in the basin or floor while filling them, so they don't move around.

What Else Is Included In The Package

How Can You Make Your Summer More Exciting With Zuru Buncho Water Balloons?  

When the summer is here, the Costco Bunch O Balloons by Zuru are just what you need for fun and relaxation in the great outdoors. Connect the balloons to your garden hose, switch on the water, and start filling them to make water balloons as quickly as possible.

When the summer is here, the Costco Bunch O Balloons by Zuru are just what you need for fun and relaxation in the great outdoors. Connect the balloons to your garden hose, switch on the water, and start filling them to make water balloons as quickly as possible.

There are 420 water balloons organized into 12 distinct bundles of different colors. It doesn't take long to fill them, and you can get a great discount at Costco. This summer, you should participate in some exciting water balloon duels. It takes around a minute and a half to fill almost 100 water balloons with the help of the Zuru Buncho Balloons kit.

Summer goes by too quickly, so do some crazy, wet things in the water while it's here.

How Can You Make Your Summer More Exciting With Zuru Buncho Water Balloons

Water Balloon Filling Instructions

It's natural to question how you fill water balloons if you don't have access to a hose. It is not always easy to perform. However, the following method may be helpful:

  • Fasten a funnel to the water balloon's neck and fill it with water straight from the sink. If you ever need a funnel, you may fashion one by chopping off the bottom of a plastic bottle.
  • You can also use a soap pump dispenser that is empty. In this particular scenario, a larger option is favored. When the balloon is full, connect the neck to the pump's nozzle, then spray water.

Water Balloons - How To Seal Them Up

Before inflating the balloon, check that there is sufficient room at the very top of it. You may always twist the neck and maintain it that way until you are prepared to launch it; if you find that tying a standard knot is too much hassle. There is a little risk involved, but getting wet is the aspect of the adventure.

Basic Rules For All Water Balloon Contests

Before engaging in any balloon-related fights mentioned above, There are recommendations as under

  • Making a splash-free region, sometimes known as a "safe zone," is recommended. Anyone needing a break should feel free to use this area.
  • In addition to never throwing a balloon at another player's head or face,
  • Balancing teams, collecting and disposing of old balloons, and staying inside the safety zone are other rules you must follow.
  • Mud stains are nothing to worry about, especially because they are washable later with a little Persil liquid.
  • Watch out for the mischievous youngsters; no adult will be safe if they get their hands on some water balloons.

Can You Still Get Water Balloons At Costco?

You have the option of purchasing a Zuru Bunch O Balloon for the price of $18.99. Product with the id of 944796. Costco could sell you a package of Zuru Buncho Balloons, self-tying quick-fill water balloons. The pack contains 420 individual balloons.

There are plenty of kid-friendly water balloons available at most big toy outlets. Water balloons are great for this, but if you don't have any, standard party balloons will serve just well; remember that they won't pop quite as readily when immersed in water.

Are Refillable Water Balloons Enjoyable?

It won't hurt you if you strike someone with it, and using it is also easy. The fact that the children like playing in the water beside them are a welcome extra benefit. Remember that once they have the balloons, they may feel out of control and excited.

What Kind Of A Mess Do Water Balloons Make?

Similarly, the activities that provide joy to one's existence are as important. For this reason, you buy your children a supply of water balloons every summer, which, although a lot of fun, can make a wild mess that you must mop up. Furthermore, the enjoyment they offer is limited to a short time.


Water balloons often referred to as water bombs, are filled with liquid and inflated. People looking for a fun and refreshing method to fight the heat during the summertime sometimes turn to the hobby of having balloon battles.

This article discussed fascinating information about the Zuru Brand water balloons you can purchase at Costco. If you organize a summer pool party for adults or children, you should look into the Zuru brand of balloons since it is the finest in the market.