If you plan to upgrade your workspace to feel more inspired toward work, Costco has a great deal for you. Tresanti adjustable stand up desk is perfectly sleek in design and offers maximum comfort while working. Here is all you must know about these stand-up desks and whether they are worth investing in.

Tresanti Adjustable Stand Up Desk Costco - Key Features

The adjustable height desk at Costco has incredible features. Some of them are listed below:

  • Adjustable height from 29.4 to 47.”
  • Wireless desktop charging station
  • Digital readout
  • Storing drawer
  • Dry-erase compatible glass top
  • Programmable settings
  • Two 2.4 amp USB inputs

Design & Desk Settings

The overall design of the Tresanti stand-up desk is minimalist without containing unnecessary features. There is sufficient area to place the laptop and mount the monitor, while the drawer and other sections make it very useful.

At the bottom right corner of the desk, you will find all the action buttons. At the same time, the desk's surface has six buttons from left to right to adjust the height.

Adjustable Height

You can easily adjust the height with touch sensor buttons on the desktop. It has three programmable settings to make changes in height and fix it to the perfect stand-up position.

The digital display lights and turns off automatically to show the current height of your desk. There are the following adjustments for height with buttons:

  • Up - Raise the desk height.
  • Down - Decrease the height.
  • H1, H2, H3 programmable desk heights

Learn which desk size is more comfortable to work for continuous hours without hurting the back.

Get Active Timer

This stand-up timer gives the signal to switch from the sitting position to the standing position. You can set the timer according to your needs, such as,

  • Zero minutes mean the timer isn’t set.
  • It has 10, 15, 30, and 120-time settings for standing position.
  • Once the time interval reaches, the timer beeps to remind you to change the height.
  • It doesn’t alter height automatically, so you can adjust it when the timer shuts off.

Switching from sitting to standing and vice versa supports better health and improves circulation to keep you active during working hours.

Lock The Controls

On the right side of the desk, you will find a built-in lock button to control the desktop. If you turn on the lock button, the other functions to adjust height will not work. You can restore the functions by unlocking the controls to adjust the height.

This feature is very interesting and helps pressing controls accidentally, even when you do not want to change the height.

Connectivity Options

On one side of the desk, next to the lock buttons, you will find two USB plugins. It has wireless charging, which is built inside the desktop. You can even charge your phone when working at your desk.

The charger is also built-in that doesn’t require plugging the phone.

Clutter Organizer

The built-in drawer is best for storing all office supplies, documents, and other important files. You can also strap all loose cables with zip ties due to a sufficient gap beneath the desk.

Clutter Organizer

How Much Does Tresanti Height Adjustable Desk Cost At Costco

If you buy it from the store, the desk will cost you $249.99. Ordering it from the online store will cost $309.99, comparably expensive to the in-store purchase.

On some specific dates, Costco sells these stand-up desks as an in-store item. Most buy it on sale at the start of the year when other furniture is stocked at Costco.

This desk was on sale at Amazon for $500, which is 50% more than Costco's price.

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Tresanti Adjustable Stand-Up Desk Costco Customer Reviews

You can get an idea of the popularity of the Tresanti adjustable desk from the reviews where more than 4000 positive feedbacks come in favor. Many appreciated its design, color, and functionality within this price range.

The glass top is very easy to clean and hardly gets stains. The adjustable height feature makes it easy to work while sitting or standing. While adjusting the height, there is no need to remove the components of the desk.

However, with so many positive acclamations, few also pointed out some negative aspects of the desk, such as by online order they received shattered glass top. It is recommended to buy directly from the Costco store to avoid damage.

Wrapping Up

If you have a computer-based job, standing desks can greatly help manage tasks without burdening your back when sitting on a chair for hours. Tresanti adjustable stand-up desk Costco has all the extraordinary features which offer maximum benefits.

We were fascinated by its up-to-the-mark functions and ended up buying it. Hopefully, you will also find this height adjustable feasible.