Gingerbread homes are a fun hobby for adults and children since they combine the elements of décor and food. Even though making one from scratch is fun, it takes a lot of time and requires expert bakery skills. For this reason, gingerbread kit sales have skyrocketed in recent years.

This gingerbread home measures 20 inches (51 centimeters), just in time for the holidays. Sweeten your Christmas décor and set the mood for the season with this simple yet effective trick.

Cstco Gingerbread House Kit - Santa Version

You should pick a Gingerbread House Kit complete with Santa, his sleigh, and a Christmas tree in the spirit of the season. It includes whatever you'll need to create a stunning winter wonderland. Gingerbread cookies already baked in the shapes of a house, trees, Santa's sleigh, and Santa himself, as well as reindeer, are provided.

Costco Gingerbread House Kit

The kit includes small, squeezable icing writers for straightforward decoration and application and in a bag with extra decorative tips. As a bonus, you'll get an abundance of colorful, Christmas-themed candies to use as embellishments on your creation.

To decorate the gingerbread creations, you'll find everything you need in this kit, including holly leaves and berries, mini beads, and gummy trees. The Pucker Ups, jelly sweets, mixed quins, icing writers, premade white icing, and two decorating tips are additions. There's something for everyone to enjoy.

What Should You Know Before You Get The House Kit?

Specifically for Costco, the folks at the store have crafted a gingerbread mansion. You may learn how to decorate your home with the aid of the company's films. Handmade from long-lasting polyresin material, these ornaments will brighten up your house for the coming years and delight young and old alike.

The sweet cane and icing accents, as well as the warm and fuzzy gingerbread people within, will surely put a grin on your face this Christmas season.


When it comes to taste, the gingerbread is similar to what you'd expect: a dry, flavorless, and artificially processed take on a gingerbread cookie. Since the frosting consists entirely of sugar, you may as well use a spoon and devour a bag of sugar.

Jelly candies with sugar are the most palatable option, but even those are subpar. The fact that these components aren't edible is problematic, given their primary function isn't as nutrition but as construction materials.


You can get the kit for $11.89 at Costco, which includes enough materials to construct a gingerbread home that weighs approximately 3.5 pounds. That's an incredible bargain. Everything you might need to construct and decorate the gingerbread home is included in the kit, and the structure itself is prefabricated.

A youngster or a small group of children might spend a couple of hours occupied with this set. As an adult, you can tell without hesitation that it is one of the most enjoyable things you will do with your spouse.

It's worth noting that you get sufficient materials to complete the project without worrying about running out; however, you may want to plan how you'll utilize the candy since there isn't much of a surplus.


The Costco Gingerbread House Kit includes everything required to make a charming gingerbread home. In this kit, you may decorate a pre-assembled gingerbread home with gingerbread people, frosting, and candies.

Since no cooking or building is necessary, this kit scores major points for ease of use. All you have to do is decorate, which is the best part.


There are around 6,000 calories in the whole gingerbread home package. The Costco Signature Ginger Cookies are delicious, but you should keep them as a decoration and stop eating them. Sure, they'll sample a few pieces here and there, but that's fun for kids.

Eating the sweets, you intend to use to construct your gingerbread home is a bonus.

What Does The Kit Contain?

More than a pound of sweets and frosting are included in this package. All the candies and frosting you need to build your gingerbread mansion are listed below.

What Does The Kit Contain
  • Premade white frosting in a bag with a piping tip
  • Red and green sprinkles writers
  • Holiday confections shaped like holly berries
  • Quin candy for the holidays
  • Hard candies shaped like pinwheels
  • Gummy constellations
  • Miniature jelly beans
  • Candies that look like trees

It is a tradition to decorate gingerbread houses during the winter holidays positively. This year, make some Christmas memories that will last a lifetime by decorating a whole home for the season.

How Can You Buy Gingerbread Kits At Costco?

In 2022, just in time for the winter holidays, you will be able to buy the popular Kirkland Gingerbread Decorating Kits again at Costco. These authentic gingerbread kits from Germany come with three big gingerbread men and everything else you need to make holiday displays that are fun and festive.

Can You Eat Gingerbread, Kit?

The sugary jelly and gummy sweets are the best options, but even those are subpar. This gingerbread mansion is not something you want to eat, particularly given that you won't want to touch it for at least a couple of weeks after putting it out.

The majority of people may consume gingerbread kits. To incorporate everything from gingerbread to candies and icing. In addition, some kits may have non-edible plastic or cardboard figurines for décor.

Can You Eat Gingerbread, Kit

Does Making Your Own Gingerbread Home Save Money?

If you're not managing to save money this Christmas season, you should realize that making your gingerbread home from scratch can cost more than buying a premade one for around $10.

However, we're willing to bet that the homemade gingerbread will be more delicious and that you'll have a great time making the cookies. In addition, you'll have more to boast about.

How Long Can You Keep Gingerbread Cookies In The Oven After Decorating Them?

After you have decorated your gingerbread cookies, you can store them for not more than 14 days in a container which should be airtight if you keep them at rest at room temperature for two hours without covering them. Stacking the cookies between two pieces of wax paper may prevent them from clinging to one another.

Why  Gingerbread Cookies Are Dry - When You Make Them

There are certain gingerbread recipes that, after baked, result in cookies that are too tough to eat right away and taste much better after being allowed to rest at room temperature for a few days. The gingerbread will have a greater resistance to crumbling with the addition of molasses and honey, while the sugar will become more malleable after being mixed with water.


Everyone's favorite warehouse store has taken the gingerbread house to the next level by selling gingerbread mansions that are already put together.

One of your favorite holiday traditions is constructing a gingerbread home. The prefabricated home comes in a box. The gingerbread house sold at Costco is even more awesome than your standard kit.

More than a pound of sweets and frosting are included for your DIY decorating pleasure. You'll receive all the fixings to decorate your gingerbread house any way you choose.