The name Flojos, which is Spanish slang, means relaxed or lazy, and these flip-flops keep your feet cozy wherever you go. Your feet won’t tire even during walking, playing, and moving around.

We recently purchased them from Costco to give a try, and that’s why we are sharing this review to help anyone planning to buy new sandals at an affordable price.

Price of Flojos Flip Flops At Costco

Most sandals at Costco cost $25 to $30 or more, while the Flojos flip-flops cost only $14.99. These perfectly fitting sandals feel more cushion-like and add great value for money.

The straps are also padded and do not leave any marks on the feet, even after a consistent walk.

If you decide to invest in these popular sandals, get them from Costco to save money.

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Price of Flojos Flip Flops At Costco

Flojos Flip Flops At Costco - What’s So Special

Color Variation

There’s not a wide variety in men’s Flojos flip flops, but you can get two color options, brown & black, at Costco. As both colors are appealing and look nice, but black remains new and clean all the time.

Color Variation


They seem very comfortable in appearance, but upon wearing, they feel 100% comfy and relaxing. These flip flops are well made with faux leather straps and a nylon toe soft thong. The footbed is even softer, thicker, and arch supportive.

Another convenient thing about flip-flops is they are easy to slip off and on, which keeps your feet cool in intense heat.

Perfectly Fitting

We suggest purchasing the right-sized flip-flops because too tight and loose footwear won’t be comfy and will allow your toes to wiggle freely.

You can wear them casually and for long walks at the beach because this summer, Flojos flip-flops will be your best companion.

Review of Flojos Flip Flops At Costco

We have read some of the reviews of Flojos flip flops, and people seemed completely satisfied and somewhat obsessed with their investment.

Many customers reviewed it as the comfiest and most well-made flip flops without compromising quality at this rate.

Some added that lots of variety in the market for rubber sandals offer less relief which they get from these flip flops.

Your aim should be to buy not just any pair of flip-flops but the ones supporting your feet and comfort them throughout the day.

Flips Flop Favorites: Flojos Sandal

Final Thoughts

Nothing can beat the relaxation and value for money of these Flojos flip flops at Costco. These perfectly made are ideal for keeping your summer adventure on the peak without causing any trouble to your feet.

At other stores, you may get it at higher rates, but Costco always brings the best deals for its customers. So, check them out and give a pair as a gift to your loved ones.