These goggles will enhance your eyesight, whether swimming laps in an indoor pool or out in the open. These eye protection glasses are a must-have for each participant.

The water's chlorine, sand, germs, and other chemicals may all harm your eyes if you don't use protective eyewear.

Costco Swim Goggles - Different Types Available At Store

The Costco swim goggles by speedo come in two variations one is for adults, and the second is for juniors. They are further categorized into different models, which we will discuss today in detail.

The Adult Goggles

These are developed to protect your eyes from marine residue. These goggles include UV protection and anti-fog coatings to provide excellent environmental vision. Straps are tightened or loosened to customize the fitting of the goggles to the head, preventing water from getting in.

The goggles are developed to provide the best possible fit and comfort. There are three types included in the pack:

The Adult Goggles
  1. Futura.
  2. Hydrocurve mirrored.
  3. Dual Injection.

Futura Goggles At Costco

The curved lenses of the Speedo Futura goggles provide a broad field of vision while protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Softened comfort seals around the lenses provide superb comfort and a snug fit.

Some Features

  • Panoramic eyewear with a swoopy design
  • The shape that bends and stretches easily
  • Quick-adjust headband
  • Latex-free Anti-fog and ultraviolet protection

Hydrocurve Mirrored Goggle

Comfort and protection against glare are both prioritized in these mirrored goggles. The frames can be bent to match the shape of the wearer's face, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit and a lifetime of waterproof service. The clips provide a snug and comfortable fit to the wearer's head with a single click.

Some Features

  • Lenses are curved for better peripheral vision.
  • The mirrored glass is great for use in the sun.
  • Clips that snap into place swiftly
  • UV blocking and anti-fog features

Dual Injection Goggle

Great for casual swimmers and those training for competition. The sturdy, adaptable materials used in developing the waterproof dual-injection frame provide long-lasting, responsive operation. Speedo's Speed Fit clamps strap are easily adjusted to provide a personalized fit.

  • Quick-adjust headband
  • Assurance that it won't leak
  • UV blocking and anti-fog features
  • Without latex

Some Features

  • The fog-busting technology makes the sight crystal clear and unimpeded.
  • Glasses are designed to filter out excess light by reflecting it away from the user's eyes.
  • Adjustments are made to the straps to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Protection from the sun without using latex
  • The frame is pliable and comfortable, ensuring a good fit.

What Are the Precautions?

  • Dive after removing your eyeglasses.
  • Only for use in extremely deep water.
  • Nobody should count on this thing to act as a lifesaver at any point.
  • If you pull on the goggles while you have them on your face, they might fall off and cause you to sustain significant eye injuries.
  • Recommended Minimum age: 14

Junior Goggles At Costco

Young explorers require a mask or goggles to keep up with their active lifestyles underwater. This set has three different options, all of which have lenses that don't fog up and protect your eyes from UV rays.

A pliable strap made of neoprene makes for a pleasant wearing experience and is easily adjusted to get a perfect fit. The enjoyment factor significantly increases when you wear a pair of Speedo goggles. Three types in this category come in packs:

Junior Goggles At Costco
  1. Junior Mask
  2. Junior Clearsight Goggle
  3. Dr. Dual Injection

Junior Mask

Younger swimmers can join in on the fun with the Speedo junior mask. Better visibility and comfort in the water are made possible by the anti-fog lenses and Ultraviolet protection offered by these goggles.

Some Features

  • UV Protection fights against the possibly harmful radiation emitted by the sun.
  • Complete and impeccable match
  • Simple to move clips, a covering resistant to fog
  • Latex-free for uninterrupted comfort throughout the day.
  • For Children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 14

Junior Clearsight Goggle

The curved lenses on these goggles increase the field of view. With its built-in sun protection and quick-adjust side clips, this is ideal for water sports where swimmers need to keep their attention on having fun without worrying about their hair being caught in the cap.

Some Features

  • Straps made of Nappa leather
  • Adjustments are made to the clips on the side with very little effort.
  • UV Protection to fight against the possibly harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.
  • A covering resistant to fog
  • Spectacles with lenses rounded on the outside.
  • For comfort that lasts throughout the whole day.
  • Children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years old

Dr. Dual Injection

A multi-function goggle that helps young swimmers maintain concentration may significantly improve their times in the pool. Their adjustable straps ensure that growing eyes are shielded from the harmful effects of chlorine and sunlight.

Some Features

  • The frame is soft and flexible.
  • Silicone headband with a slit
  • Uv-Protection, to ward off the sun's potentially dangerous ultraviolet rays
  • Fog-resistant coating
  • It fits thinner, more delicate features.

How To Prevent Your Swimming Goggles From Fogging Up?

Whether you're in the middle of a swim or preparing for a race, there's never a good moment for your goggles to start clouding up. Stopping or reducing goggle fog is done in several ways, from saliva anti-fog And homemade remedies.

Dip In Pool Water

Even when your body temperature rises while swimming, the water remains refreshingly cool. Temperature variations and sweat may also contribute to goggle fog.

To avoid fogging your goggles while swimming, you should wet your face and goggles before putting them on. It will give your face and goggles time to warm up with your body as you swim.

Anti-Fog Spraying

Anti-fog treatments work well when there is fog. You can see the difference as soon as you spray or drop your anti-fog coating on the lenses. Sprays are designed to eliminate condensation and clear your goggles and are available in several options. It may rapidly increase costs for frequent swimmers, but there are alternatives.

What Kind Of Goggles Work Best For Swimming?

Clear or light blue spectacles are advised for early morning swimming and other swimming. You can see farther when you're out in the open sea and have blue glasses.

The gray-tinted lenses function far better when exposed to strong sunshine. In low-light conditions, it is beneficial to wear goggles with a color that is yellow, orange, or amber.

Do Clear Swimming Goggles More Reasonable?

Clear goggles are highly recommended for all three types of swimming: fitness, leisure, and competitive. Clear lenses do not block out light or reduce glare, even though they provide protection from UV rays and are thus suitable for use outdoors. The illumination is both dim and low in light levels.

What Color Goggles Are Most Suitable For Swimming?

Polarized sunglasses block 100% of the sun's rays and shield your eyes from UV radiation. While it is more feasible for inside swimmers to use clear lenses, many professional swimmers choose reflected gold or silver glasses so that their rivals can't tell which way their gaze is directed.


To extend the useful life of your goggles, you may buy anti-fog models and maintain them using anti-fog solutions.  It is a useful thought to wear goggles while swimming, regardless of whether you are swimming in a saltwater pool or a chlorinated pool.

They will keep your eyes safe, enhance your eyesight while underwater, and make you feel more at ease.