These all-in-one VR headsets seem pricey and cost $400 to $500 each, which might cause confusion about their worth. But I am completely satisfied with the purchase and sharing a review of Oculus Quest 2 that might be helpful for you.

Costco Oculus Quest 2 - Top-Notch Features

Oculus Quest 2 ensures a virtual world highly adapted to real movements to allow exploring inspiring and inciting games. You will not need a PC or console, but the extraordinary features deliver the best experience. These are some of the features that caught my attention; to try these amazing VR headsets.

Advanced Hardware With Fastest Processor

is not just a false claim; you can entertain yourself with an extensive Quest content library. It is compatible with a PC, but you can even run it without a PC.

Immersive 3D Display

The display can beat the cinematic experience, as you can easily get that on your comfy couch. You can enjoy groundbreaking films, events, and concerts with built-in speakers and a 3D display.

Apex Controls

Though Costco Oculus Quest 2 features 50% more pixels to show details in depth, it also provides ultimate controllers.

Quick Setup

Apex Controls

Setting up a VR headset isn’t a complicated task, and you can set it as follow:

  • No need to assemble parts; start by attaching the rubber cover to the VR face mask.
  • Take out the controllers to remove plastic tabs.
  • Charge your VR headset.
  • Once charged, head towards the onscreen settings.
  • Establish a good connection to Wi-Fi to update and start the Oculus App.

You can set up Oculus App by following these steps:

  • To get your favorite games, download Oculus App on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your Facebook (Meta) account.
  • Facebook Meta is essential; otherwise, Oculus Quest 2 won’t work.
  • Log in to Quest App, and pair Meta to a Facebook account.
  • You will need to set payment information, password, and controls in Oculus App.

Sturdy Protection With Casing

The Costco deal also provides a case for protection and a hard shell to hold the headset and its controllers.

The casing also includes a plastic holder and a carrying handle, facilitating travel.

What’s Inside The Box of Oculus Quest 2

The Costco Oculus Quest 2 box has the following accessories:
  • VR headset
  • Left & right-hand controllers
  • A separator for people with glasses
  • A charger
  • Silicone cover for Oculus Quest 2 foam for protection

Costco Oculus Quest 2 Price

At Costco, I found Oculus Quest 2 at the cost of $399.99, but some variations in the model also create differences in the pricing. You can find two models, one with 128 GB of storage and the other with 256 GB of storage.

Oculus Quest 2 (128GB)

You can buy Oculus Quest 2 with 128 GB storage at online stores, including Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, for $399.99.

Oculus Quest 2 (256GB)

The price of Oculus Quest 2 with 256 GB of storage at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy is $499.99.

You will need to pay an extra $59.99 to get the carrying case from these stores. Buying the Oculus Quest 2 and carrying case from two different stores will cost $559.98.

At Costco, you can get Oculus Quest 2 (256 GB) and casing by saving $159. For this purchase, you must be a member of Costco. While at other stores, you won’t get the carrying case at the same price as at Costco.

128gb vs 256gb Which OCULUS QUEST 2 should you buy?

Costco Oculus Quest 2 Return Policy

The amazing return policy is one great advantage of buying Oculus Quest 2 from Costco. They offer 90 days to return the item. After purchasing it from an online store, you can return it to its physical location. You will get an immediate refund for the purchase price, handling, and shipping costs.

You can return it after playing for 60 days if you change your mind about not using it anymore.

Final Thoughts

With Costco Oculus Quest 2, you can move around while enjoying games. I never regret my decision to purchase it, and if you want to buy it, I’d highly recommend purchasing from Costco.

With a carrying case, you will get it at a comparably cheaper rate.