Fortunately, Costco has a great deal for selling Bissell Crosswave Premier, which is best for cleaning debris and picking up pet hair. I have been searching for a few days and considering purchasing it because it is an amazing cleaning tool that is a must for every home. Read out to learn if it is worth investing at Costco.

The Price of Bissell Crosswave At Costco

The Bissell Crosswave at Costco comes in Pet Bundle, and the unit's overall cost is $249.99. You can get it at the same price at the store and from an online purchase. The unit has all essentials and supplies in the package.

Most stores sell it at higher rates without adding all the accessories, which you must check before purchasing.

But buying Bissell Cosswave at Costco is the best solution due to the excellent return policy if you do not find the device feasible after some use. With a sufficient guarantee, you can even claim a refund to get your money back.

In sales, you can buy this wet-dry vacuum at less than $200, saving up to $60.

Price of Bissell Crosswave At Costco

What’s In The Pet Bundle

There is a huge variety of Bissell Crosswave, but at Costco, you will find this multi-surface wet-dry vacuum cleaner. You get it inside a pet bundle with extra supplies and cleaning solutions.

The following items are included in the pet bundle:

  • One multi-surface cleaning solution (8 oz)
  • Two pet multi-surface cleaning formulas (8 oz)
  • Multi-surface brush roll
  • Extra filter
  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Wood floor brush roll

Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface Cleaner - Prominent Features

As it is multi-surface, you can wash and vacuum all floors in no time. You can safely use it for different surfaces, including laminate, area rugs, tile, rubber floor mats, sealed wood floors, pressed wood floors, and linoleum.

The dual tank technology offered in Bissell Crosswave is functional for keeping clean and dirty water in separate compartments.

You will clean floors with clean and fresh water, while dirty water will collect inside the dirty water tank.

Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface Cleaner

The dual-action brush roll rotating at 3000 RPM cleans all tiny dirt particles, while mopping takes minimum time. If you have pets at home, the vacuum cleaner at Costco is the best deal for you.

The cleaning formulas are suitable for all surfaces without causing damage or abrasion. If your brush roll wears out, you can also replace it with the new one.

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Bissell Crosswave At Costco - Customer Reviews

As I am planning to purchase Bissell Crosswave at Costco, I have gone through its ratings and reviews. It is rated with 4.5 stars at many online stores, while at Costco, it is rated by more than 2000 users with five stars.

Most users are highly impressed by its cleaning technology and outstanding results. The best cleaning results are obtained on hardwood floors.

Initially, I considered it an ordinary cleaner but reviews completely altered my mind, and now nothing else seems better than this wet-dry vacuum.

Some people complained about Crosswave leaving water streaks on the floor, and they had to run it a few more times to get the shiny floor. However, most loved mopping and vacuuming with this amazing tool.

Bissell Crosswave Review & Test Results - 2018

Final Verdict

Who doesn’t want a convenient machine that can keep the house clean without much effort? Of course, Bissell Crosswave at Costco is the only solution to all cleaning problems at just $249.99.

Instead of buying a separate mop and vacuum, you can get two-in-one with all other accessories you need to purchase separately outside of Costco.