If you're unhappy with what you bought, you can send it back to the store via mail or at their physical location.

How Can You Make A Return To Party City?

Although refunds are accepted within 30 days after buying, Party City's stated rule is not to accept returns on shipments that have been damaged. Party City will accept the DoNotPay app, which is driven to make payouts easier.

How Can You Make A Return To Party City

Store-Based Returns

The Store return policy makes it simple to send back any item you bought from them, whether in-store or digitally. You may return an item to any Party City location with either the original invoice or an email confirming your purchase.

Any shop associates would be happy to assist you in starting the refund process.

Store-Based Returns

Returning Online

Returning an item purchased online via mail is an option if a local retail outlet is not convenient for you.

Enter your purchase digit on the store returns website and print a refund. Securely repack any items and attach the purchase receipt email after receiving the refund. The ordering barcode and number are attached to this message. It is essential for the swift handling of your bank application.

If you did not get an account confirmation email, you might also attach a written note with your exchange indicating the order id. If you are finished, please send your parcel back. All shipment, packaging, and applicable taxes incurred due to the transfer are also not replaceable.

Returning Online

Exactly How Difficult Is The Party City Refund Policy?

It will depend just on the organization in charge where you are. Facial expression interactions with consumers often result in the abandonment of shop rules. When it comes to publicizing the company's rules, Party City is, in all honesty, very open and fair.

Their thirty-day return policy is one most interesting aspects of their refund policy. It would help if you didn't buy party supplies more than 30 days before the event. You can not return the object after a festival day if anyone is found guilty of an infraction.

That may also mean that many people in the area can't afford Party City because of its higher prices. Most people don't see the point, especially people who like to plan and be ready for events.

Are There Any Exceptions In The Return Policy?

  • Following their return policy, consumers have 30 days to send back an item purchased from Party City. Within the first 30 days of purchase, you may request a refund if you are unhappy with the goods. To replace an item purchased from the store, you must have either the original receipt or confirmation email.
  • You must send the item back unused and in its original packaging within 30 days of buying it (unworn, unopened, and undamaged). Bring your original receipt and the item you want to exchange to the Party City branch in Canada (90 days) from the initial purchase date.

Is The Exchange Policy The Same?

You may exchange your items for a different size or color with your original receipt. To initiate an exchange, you may call customer service or visit any store location and speak with an associate there.

What Is Party City's Return/Exchange Policy Without Receipt?

There is an option if you want to return anything to the store, but don't save the receipt. Most individuals don't save their receipts for even 30 days. Therefore, this is a typical issue.

Party City feels sorry for us, so they are making an exception to their return policy. For all standard returns, you need to have the receipt. You may return an item even if you don't have the receipt, but you won't get a refund. You may return it for store credit or exchange it for something else in the same price range.

If you realize you no longer need the purchased product, you may still return it. A shop credit will be issued in place of a cash refund, but you'll still have to make another purchase.

Party City offers so many selections and is such a fun location to shop that this typically isn't a problem. You may always use your shop credit to buy something else or swap it for an exchange.

Do They Provide Store Credit Instead Of A Refund?

If you have decided on a transaction, the merchant is not compelled to offer you a cash refund, but they may exchange the product or offer you store credit. Verify the company's refund policy before making a purchase. If you're purchasing a present, it could be prudent to request an exchange card.

Should You Return An Item If You Do Not Like It?

You may return an item if it does not perform as expected or is of unacceptable quality. However, businesses are not mandated to accept returns if you alter your decision or discover a lower price elsewhere. If a product's quality is inappropriate, the shop cannot charge you for fixing it.

Do They Offer Free Returns?

The answer is yes if you think a "free return" is an item in its original sealed packaging and with a receipt. The Party City does accept free returns that do not meet these criteria. It comprises seasonal items, as long as they are returned in the same condition they were bought in within seven days.

What Is Balloon Returning Policy?

Party City does not accept refunds on balloons. Some special considerations could be there in certain cases.  If the store is responsible for transporting the balloons and they burst in transit, Party City will replace them.

What Is Balloon Returning Policy

What Is The Policy On Returning For Halloween?

The normal time to get a refund from the store is longer than when to return the local product. A seven-day return window starts the day after Thanksgiving and goes through the day before Christmas and Halloween. Party City will give you a store credit for the amount of the item you return if you send it back within the time limit.

Is There Anything At Party City That They Do Not Take Back?

Party City does not accept returns of the following:

  • Everything is made on order and unique  (US only).
  • Cylinders of Helium Packs for Partial Celebrations
  • Party kit items are not refundable individually. You must return the whole party bundle.


The blog has provided all the pertinent information about Party City's return policies. You'll find information about exchanges, too.  

Be aware that The store has a clear policy of refusing any returns made without a valid receipt or the purchase confirmation email.

It's possible to escalate the situation and get the attention of proper management, but your success will vary with the supervisor and the specific branch you visit.