This blog will review Kirkland's signature double sides Christmas wrapping paper available at Costco.

Double-Sided Christmas Wrapping Paper At Costco

If you love Christmas, then you're probably familiar with the retail giant Costco. This chain is also home to Kirkland Signature products and is typically known for low prices that are kept consistently low, thanks to the Costco business model. From Kirkland Signature toddler pajamas to Kirkland Signature food storage containers and even Kirkland Signature cologne, Costco is loyal to its brand of products.

What Is So Special About Kirkland's Christmas Wrapping Paper?

Kirkland's Signature Double-Sided Christmas Wrapping Paper is a great choice for gift wrapping. This paper is double-sided, so you can wrap gifts in one color and then use the other side of the paper for a different color scheme. The paper comes in three sizes: 15", 18", and 24".

These rolls are available at Costco stores throughout the United States. They are sold as part of a 12-pack of rolls. Each roll has 200 feet of paper to wrap up a medium-sized present.

The wrapping paper has a sparkle finish, making it look festive and fun. It also has a matte finish on one side, which allows you to write on it with markers and pens if you want to attach gift tags or labels to your gifts before giving them away.

What Is So Special About Kirkland's Christmas Wrapping Paper

Different Varieties Of Kirkland's Signature Christmas Wrapping Paper

It is available in various colors, patterns, and designs to suit your needs.

The paper is double-sided, which means you can use it for wrapping gifts and making customized gift labels. It comes in 24" x 36" sheets, so you'll have plenty of space for writing down who the present is for, who it's from, and what it contains.

The paper is made from recycled materials, so you know it's eco-friendly! And if you get tired of using the same design repeatedly (and we know we would), you can buy another roll of wrapping paper instead of spending money on new gift tags yearly.

It is a great gift idea for anyone who loves decorating their home with holiday decorations--wrap up a few rolls and hand them out as stocking stuffers.

Basset Hound:

A Christmas classic! This design features a Basset Hound wearing a red scarf and hat and holding a candy cane in one paw. The other paw is raised in excitement as he greets Santa Claus. This design is available in both red and green colorways.


These cute snowmen are always ready for the holidays! They wear red hats and scarves, have rosy cheeks, and carry wrapped gifts under their arms as they prepare to visit Santa Claus at the North Pole. This design comes in both green and white colorways.

Reindeer Antlers:

Who doesn't love reindeer? These antlered critters are decked out for Christmas in red bows around their necks and bells on their feet. They're standing together on two legs and looking toward an unseen future full of joyous celebration! This design is available only in red colorway this year (instead of previous years.


Kirkland's Signature Double-Sided Christmas Wrapping Paper costs $8.99 for a standard roll 12 inches wide by 30 feet long. Extra large rolls (15 inches wide by 50 feet long) cost $12.99 per roll. And the cost for extra large rolls with glitter ($13.99 per roll) is $13.99 per roll as well.


Review Of Christmas Wrapping Paper

This Christmas Wrapping Paper is an amazing product. This paper is double-sided and comes in various colors, patterns, and designs. It's sure to create a festive look for any gift.

We were skeptical when we saw it first, but we were very happy with the results. It's double-sided and comes in various colors to match your decorating scheme and paper color preferences. You can also get it in a wide range of sizes, which makes it easy to find something that fits your gift-wrapping needs.

The paper is great for wrapping gifts or decorating your home during the holidays. The paper is high quality and glossy, making it easy to write. This product is affordable at $5 per pack with 40 sheets per pack.

One thing that we love about this product is the variety of designs available. You can find anything from Santa Clause to snowflakes, hearts, snowmen, and more! The colors are rich and vivid, making any gift look great.

This product would be perfect for anyone who loves decorating their home during the holiday season.

The double-sided design means two different patterns on each sheet, so you'll never have ideas for decorating your gift wrap. One side has a pattern that looks like a cross-stitched quilt; the other has a pattern that looks like candy canes. It makes it easy to make sure all your gifts look coordinated while being unique.

When you buy this product, you'll get a huge roll of double-sided wrapping paper in a box that makes it easy to store away until you need it again next year. You'll also get a booklet with simple instructions on cutting your roll down into smaller pieces. If you need them—they have four different sizes available, so no matter how much or how little space you have to store things in your home or office, this product will work for you.


This product is also eco-friendly because it uses recycled materials from other products (such as soda bottles). It might not seem like much when you're buying just one roll at a time—but when you consider how many.


Kirkland's Signature Double-Sided Christmas Wrapping Paper is a great choice if you're looking for the perfect wrapping paper to use this holiday season. This paper has a matte finish and is made of recycled paper, so it's environmentally friendly. It comes in various designs that will add some festivity to your gift-giving.