Because airfare is often the most considerable expense associated with a family trip, you shouldn't always pay the full cost since enduring discounts are available.

Costco is an excellent source for affordable tickets, and when associated with a hotel stay, It's a good strategy to save money on your Universal Studios visit.

Does Costco Sell Universal Studios Tickets? - How To Get Yours

It's worth mentioning that, at present, Costco exclusively offers Universal tickets as part of bundles. With these bundles, you may save even more on your trip to Studios. Costco sells three-day passes to either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Studios Orlando.

A one-day pass or ticket is the greatest deal at Costco. We must, however, mention that Costco now sells tickets for around $139 for a three-day park pass. That's comparable to the cost of a one-day pass.

How To Get The Ticket From Costco? - A Stepwise Method

Check out internet travel agencies such as Costco Travel to see if they offer any packages. Going to a shop in Southern California is a good idea if you're merely looking for tickets or yearly passes. These shops are often the only providers of such vouchers. However, the Online process is described below:

  1. Try looking for tickets on the main Costco website. Visit the site at Enter "Universal Studios" into the top search box. Though Costco doesn't always have tickets, exploring them here will bring you all available options. Select a Bundle. Tickets are often sold in packages that comprise an entry on multiple days. You might also get other perks when you buy a ticket, like a "Go Card" that lets you into many theme parks.
  1. For instance, if you're in Los Angeles, you may use the Card (Go Los Angeles) to visit several amusement parks, including Knott's Berry Farm and Legoland Six Flags. Become a member to have access to member-only deals. If you don't have a Costco membership but still want to save money, look for items without the "members only" label.
  2. Sign up for a Costco account if you haven't already. Register using your Costco membership number, email address, and password. A Costco account is required even if you don't have a membership. However, you can still refuse to provide your Costco membership number.
  1. You must pay the price of the mentioned tickets and any relevant non-member fee (For Non-Members). Choose a bundle and then go to the shop cart. Buy the item and select its delivery price. The tickets may have a premium for non-members. Some tickets are purchased online and sent instantly by email, avoiding paying for postage.

Paying Cash For Tickets - Manual Method

Go to any Costco warehouse in Southern California. A few Southern California establishments sometimes sell Universal Studios tickets, but these are the only ones that reliably do so.

You may take a risk and see it if you don't live nearby.  You can Call them and confirm if any tickets are left. Tickets may be purchased at the standard price at the park if they are not sold there. Browse Costco's ticket aisle. Costco gift cards often come with merchandise like movies and amusement park tickets.

What Are The Prices Of Tickets At Costco?

Central Florida's theme parks have considerably raised their admission prices over the past several years. Prices at all the theme parks have increased, prompting many visitors to pursue deals.

The Cost Of Visiting Universal Studio  “Orlando”

Park entry fees change throughout the year and depend on factors specifying the time you want to spend there and the season. Holidays and the busy summer tend to drive up ticket prices, so plan accordingly.

  • Adult day passes to the park are $109, while kid passes start at $104.
  • A park-to-park ticket, which grants access to both parks, may be purchased for an additional $164 for adults and $159 for children.
  • The daily fee decreases the longer you stay at the theme parks. For instance, a 3-day, park-to-park ticket costs only $97 per adult daily.

Costco Pass To Universal Studios “Hollywood”

  • Item number 1634857
  • USD 159.99
  • Discount is valid for 11 months from the date of initial registration.
Costco Pass To Universal Studios “Hollywood”

You can pick any day for the first visit. There may be dates when you can't go on a trip in the future.

Best Time of Year to Buy Costco Universal Parks Tickets

Universal Studios tickets are a terrific bargain and provide the flexibility to visit the park on the day and time best suits you. It lets you choose the dates that work best for you and gives you an edge over others.

Even though there are always exclusions, February and January are typically the best times to go to Studios in Orlando and Hollywood. Don't schedule your travel through the new year opening time.

If you don't mind taking your time and spending less, now is the chance to do it.

Best Time of Year to Buy Costco Universal Parks Tickets

Furthermore, September is a perfect month for planning as the summer rush goes down. It is still a while before Universal turns into Halloween mode with their immensely celebrated Halloween Nights.

If you aren't planning on attending a special event, planning your trip around these times will help you enjoy a less crowded destination.

Annual passes are available for purchase at specific times of the year. A few days at the park can cost as much as an annual ticket; it's worth going for the more expensive option and getting a pass for the whole year.

Universal Studios Orlando And Universal Studios Hollywood - What's The Distinction?

  • There are, in fact, two distinct resorts, much like Disney World. Both are huge land areas; one is in Hollywood, California, on a movie studio lot, while the other is in Orlando, Florida, on an enormous property plot.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood was the first theme park of its kind and was created from a real-life film set. Initially, it was only a tour of a working lot, but the addition of entertainment and dining venues transformed it into much more.
  • Universal Studios Orlando was constructed to compete with Disney's Walt. Originally consisting of only one theme park and one water park. Studios in Florida are now home to two theme parks and one large new water park (Volcano Bay).
  • Universal Studios theme parks have always lagged compared to Disney's. However, their new advantage over rivals is the Harry Potter attractions installation at their Hollywood and Orlando parks.
  • Both parks saw an upsurge in visitors that has persisted throughout the years. However, both Studios offer many of the same rides, shows, and other attractions. The same holds for popular franchises like "Harry Potter," and "Jurassic Park."


This article is more of a guide to using Costco's low prices to visit these wonderful places. But buying items online is much easier and can give you a lot of benefits if you don't live nearby the physical store.