Stop by the beverage section of your local Costco and pick up a few of these cups. Costco has Colour Changing Cups with Confetti, which is way more affordable than other stores. You will get a 12-pack of Colour-Changing Tumblers with Confetti Plastic.

Costco Color Changing Cups With Confetti - What You Must Know?

These 24-ounce tumblers include colorful lids and straws and change their color when cold drinks are added. The color-changing confetti cups are available in a 12-pack at Costco for about $15, and using one will make you feel like a youngster again.

These confetti cups that change colors are a blast. You may see their hues shift while you sip your chilled beverage of choice this season. The color change is more noticeable when the drink is cold. We know it is hard for you to choose just one of the 12 colored cups as your favorite confetti pattern.

What Are Some Features?

  • Reasonable and appealing for use at home
  • Easy to pile out when not in use
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Waterproof covers
  • Compatible with the vast majority of cup holders
  • Safe for consumption, free of lead and bisphenol
  • Each cup can carry up to 24 ounces of liquid
  • Modifiable and adorable

What Is Included In The Package?

The following items are found inside the color-changing cup package sold at Costco:

  1. Three confetti-filled cups with a green logo, including matching green straws and lids.
  2. There are three purple cups with purple lids and purple straws with the company's logo.
  3. There are three green cups and three blue straws.
  4. Three orange cups have a red lid and a red straw.

What Is The Cost, And Where Can You Find Them At Costco?

The Item Is 1371847. For $15, you get 12 glasses, lids, and stars. However, if you order them online, they may have some delivery charges included.  You may find these amazing tumblers in the dishware and cookware area.  Although other Manna cup sets are available at Costco, this one is unique since it contains confetti cups.

What Is The Cost, And Where Can You Find Them At Costco

When They Transform, What Colors Do They Take On?

As soon as you pour cold beverages into the cups, the hue of the glasses will change. To get a more striking result, it is recommended that you use a very cold liquid because it will hasten and deepen the color transformation.

It may not be chilly enough if you merely use tap water to have them change colors. For this evaluation, you can fill all the glasses with ice water.

The cups with the green logo and confetti have finally arrived at the store. Like the other confetti cup, this confetti tumbler transforms into a panorama of colors when a cold beverage is put into it after being chilled. The logo's color is the sole method to differentiate between the two themes.

A Green Logo

A purple logo adorns this confetti-filled cup that changes colors with light. Before adding the cold water, the confetti will be originally a pure white color. When wet, the confetti becomes a rainbow of hues. The purple logo will inspire you to utilize a purple lid and straw.

A Purple Logo

Green Cup

Ice water becomes a deep blue when put into the green cup. It is the most sudden and striking shift in hue. Dark blue is striking, and green is one of the best colors to go with it.

Green Cup

Orange Cup

The orange cup is next to discuss. As soon as cold water is added, it immediately becomes red. You can match the straw and top to the cup's red color. Another sudden and drastic color shift will happen with this one. Depending on temperature, the hue shifts as the temperature varies.

Orange Cup

What Are Some Useful Considerations For Using These Cups?

  • They also recommend warming the "cold cups" before using them to enhance the color-changing effect.
  • Even though it is more convenient, please avoid using the microwave or dishwasher or cleaning the tumblers since doing so may compromise the plastic's ability to change color.
  • Tumblers may be damaged this way and lose their ability to change colors or function properly.
  • It would help if you carefully cleaned the cups with a soothing sponge or cloth.
  • To close the lids, you have to use some force. When the lid is closed, it should make a satisfying clicking sound.
  • After a "cold" wash, run warm water through the cups to get the most out of them.
  • The best way to clean up is by hand.
  • Please don't use cleaning products that are too harsh.
  • Be careful with anything that could burn you, especially with drinks.

How To Use These Cups To Change Their Color?

When filled with ice-cold drinks, the stackable cup changes from one bright color to the next. Cold temperatures may influence color changes. Preferably allow the product to reach room temperature for the most effective conversion.

Drinking From A Cup That Changes Color Pose Any Health Risks?

Anyone can utilize a cup that changes color and does not contain BPA. Feel free to unwind and enjoy the beverage while using this tumbler. The hue shifts as you pour a cold beverage into it for the first time.

Is It Necessary To Clean A Brand-New Cup Before Use?

Freshly acquired dishes and glasses, regardless of material, should be cleaned. The absence of packing distinguishes plastic because many workers touch them while in the production plant.


These cups are fantastic for bringing together friends and family members to enjoy together. You may also celebrate the weekend with family and friends at home by drinking from such creative cups.

They will cause you to have a good feeling and pleasure in your heart. However, you can get these cups at various retailers, but Costco's pricing is the most competitive.

They provide excellent results even when used with cold water as the solvent. Keep following for further information that is both intriguing and helpful.