Chocolate Coconut Almonds come in the freezer section at most Costco locations and are a best-seller item.

Coconut Almonds Chocolate At Costco

Coconut Almonds Chocolate is the perfect treat for any occasion. These little guys will satisfy your sweet tooth with just the right amount of chocolate and coconut. The almonds add a nice crunch factor, and the coconut adds a little texture and flavor. These Coconut Almonds Chocolate are also vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free.

Coconut Almonds Chocolate is a delicious treat for anyone who loves coconut and almonds. The chocolate is made with real coconut and almond pieces. It comes packed in a box with 12 individually wrapped pieces, so it's easy to share, and everyone gets their package.

There are a variety of Coconut Almonds Chocolate brands available at Costco:

Let us start with the first brand Edward Mark's Coconut Almonds Chocolate. This brand has a rich taste due to its use of milk chocolate as an ingredient.

It contains almonds, coconut flakes, and cocoa powder making it a perfect snack for diabetics and people on a diet. It is available in packs of 13 ounces, costing around $5 per pack.

Next is Callebaut Chocolate's Cocoa Tree Almonds Chocolate Bar. This brand offers an affordable option for those looking for something sweet but who don't want to spend too much money. It also comes in dark chocolate and milk chocolate with almonds varieties.

The last brand we will discuss is Green & Black's Organic Fair Trade Almond Chocolate Bar with Nibs. This bar provides an organic option for those looking to eat healthier or have dietary restrictions such as gluten intolerance or diabetes that require them to stay away from certain foods such as dairy products (which can cause digestive issues in some people). This bar has a rich flavor that makes it easy to enjoy as an afternoon snack when paired with coffee or tea.

Ingredients used in Coconut Almonds Chocolate

Coconut almonds chocolate has three ingredients: cacao beans, coconut oil, and raw almonds. The result is a creamy, crunchy candy packed with fiber and antioxidants. It's also gluten-free, making it an excellent option for people with dietary restrictions. And its low glycemic index means it won't cause blood sugar spikes.

The ingredients used in the Coconut Almonds Chocolate available at Costco include:

Coconut Powder

The coconut is the coconut palm's fruit, consisting of a hard shell (endocarp) and a soft seed (mesocarp). Coconut meat is often treated as a nut or dried fruit, but it is not a true nut. The coconut is low in fat and fiber, making it an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight or eat healthier.

Cocoa powder is made by grinding cocoa beans into a fine powder. It is often used in baking to add flavor and chocolate color to recipes and mixed with other ingredients like flour, sugar, and butter to make chocolate cakes or brownies.


Almonds are seeds from stone fruits called apricots, peaches, plums, and cherries. When eaten whole, almonds can provide you with a good amount of protein and unsaturated fats that are essential for healthy brain function and growth. They also contain minerals such as calcium and magnesium that help keep your bones strong and teeth healthy.

Coconut Oil

This oil comes from coconuts and is used in many different types of baked goods, including cookies and brownies, because of its rich flavor profile that goes well with other flavors, such as chocolate or cinnamon.

Coconut Oil

Flavor And Taste

These Coconut Almonds Chocolate come in various flavors, including chocolate-covered almonds, cranberries & almonds chocolate covered in dark chocolate, cashews & almond butter coated with dark chocolate, cashews & almond butter coated with milk chocolate, and peanuts coated in milk chocolate.

The nuts used for these products include peanuts, cashews, almonds, and macadamia nuts.

When you open the package, you will notice that this chocolate bar is light brown and smells like coconut, almonds, and cocoa powder. The taste of this chocolate is very smooth and creamy.

It melts in your mouth and leaves a delicious aftertaste on your tongue. This chocolate bar is made with real coconut flakes, almonds, cocoa powder, and sugar; it also has soy lecithin added so that it will not break when stored at room temperature.

You can enjoy this delicious treat any time; however, if you want some energy before exercising or working out, then having one piece of Coconut Almonds Chocolate before doing so will help give you more energy for what lies ahead.

Flavor And Taste


The Coconut Almonds Chocolate at Costco is popular for those who love chocolate, almonds, and coconut. It's a great combination of flavors that makes the taste amazing. The price of the product is $3.49 per pound. You will have to pay around $7-8 for one box of this product.

It is pretty expensive if you're looking for something cheap, but if you're looking for something delicious, then it's worth it to spend some extra money on this product.

Dark Chocolate Almonds From Costco | Chef Dawg

Review of Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Coconut Almonds Chocolate is the best chocolate that I have ever had. This product is available at Costco and comes in a large package for a great price. The coconut almonds chocolate is made from all-natural ingredients, which makes it a healthier choice.

The taste of this product is delicious and made with organic ingredients high in fiber and protein. This product has a great texture; and is very filling, so you do not need much to satisfy your craving for something sweet!

This product contains no artificial preservatives or coloring agents; instead, it uses natural ingredients like honey and cocoa butter to add flavor without adding calories or fat grams. This product is ideal for those trying to watch their weight or maintain healthy eating habits while still enjoying delicious treats.

This product also contains almonds giving it an extra crunchy texture that adds another layer of flavor when combined with chocolate chips! There are wide varieties of chocolate available at Costco; however, Coconut Almonds Chocolate is my favorite because it has many health benefits while still tasting delicious.


We have detailed information about Coconut Almond Chocolate, Available at Costco. This product is affordable and can be stored almost for a year without losing its quality. So grab a bag of coconut almond chocolate the next time you visit Costco.