If so, the Chicken And Swiss Roller Tray from Costco can be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Costco Chicken And Swiss Roller Tray

The Chicken And Swiss Roller Tray is a great way to feed a crowd without breaking the bank. This tray feeds up to 10 people, so it's perfect for parties or getting everyone in your home feed. It's filled with juicy chicken breasts, cheese, and bacon rolled in French bread—it's sure to be a hit with everyone at your table.

The tray has two compartments divided by an insulated lid, so they stay separate while you're carrying them around. The lid prevents spills from happening inside the container while allowing access to the top compartment without removing any lids first.

Ingredients And Nutrition

Costco's Chicken And Swiss Rollers are made with 100% real chicken breast meat and Swiss cheese. That means no fillers or preservatives—just real ingredients that taste amazing together! We're sure your guests will love this simple yet tasty dish as much as we do.

The Chicken and Swiss Roller Tray from Costco features a healthy combination of ingredients that will excite your taste buds while keeping you full and satisfied. The main ingredients are chicken breast, cheese sauce, and tortillas.

Chicken Breast:

Chicken breast is a lean protein source containing high amounts of B vitamins, iron, and zinc. It is also low in calories, making it an excellent choice for those trying to lose weight.

Cheese Sauce:

This ingredient contains only two calories per serving. It's made with milk, whey protein concentrate, corn syrup solids, and salt.


These are made with whole wheat flour, water, and vegetable shortening. They contain 8 grams of fiber per serving - enough to keep your digestive system functioning properly. The tortilla also has a low glycemic index rating so that it won't spike your blood sugar levels like white bread.



The Chicken And Swiss Roller Tray at Costco is $12.99. This product is available in various sizes and quantities, which you can see on the website. The price for this product is comparable to other similar products on the market, and it's affordable for families who want to treat themselves to some gourmet comfort food that doesn't break the bank.

Health Benefits

Chicken and Swiss rollers are a delicious treat for lunch or dinner. Packed with protein and breaded in Parmesan, these mini chicken rolls are sure to be an instant hit. With a low-calorie count and high nutritional benefits, they are perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or eat healthier.

Chicken is one of the best sources of lean protein available today. It is also high in B vitamins, niacin, and selenium which help with muscle growth and energy production. Chicken also contains vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy skin and vision.

Swiss cheese is made from cow's milk and is one of the most popular cheeses in America today. It contains high levels of calcium which helps build strong bones and teeth while lowering blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels throughout your body."

Health Benefits

Taste And Flavor

When looking for a quick and easy meal, you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. That's why we love Costco's Chicken and Swiss Roller Tray. It's got all your favorite ingredients – chicken, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato – rolled up into one convenient in under 20 minutes.

We love this dish because it's packed with flavor but not overly complicated. You pop it in the oven and let it cook while you get ready for work or take care of any other tasks on your list. Then when you get home from work, dinner is already waiting for you.

The best part about this dish is that it tastes great hot or cold! If you don't have time to eat it all at once (and who does?), just put any leftover food into an airtight container and store it in the fridge until later.

Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or dinner option or something to bring along on a camping trip or picnic, this dish does not disappoint.

Costco Roasted Chicken Swiss Roller

How To Make It At Home?

We love this recipe because it's so easy to make, and everyone loves it. The best part is that it's cooked in the oven, so you don't have to stand over a stove for hours.

You'll first notice when preparing this recipe that many steps are involved. This dish has many ingredients being combined into one final product.

First, take the chicken breast and slice it into thin pieces using a knife or meat slicer (if you have one). You can also use store-bought sliced chicken if you prefer; make sure it's lean and low-fat so as not to increase your calorie count too much. While doing this, ensure that no bones or fat are left on them, affecting how well your meal cooks up later.

Next, take a large bowl and add all of your ingredients for your sauce: 3 tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon lemon juice (from an actual lemon), one tablespoon white vinegar (not balsamic vinegar), one teaspoon apple cider vinegar (or any other kind of vinegar), one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (this will give it more depth), salt and pepper to taste (about two teaspoons.


You can use any chicken breast you prefer; however, we recommend using boneless skinless ones because they are easy to slice into thin pieces. You can also use pre-sliced Swiss cheese if you don't have time to slice it yourself—make sure it's not processed cheese.

Let's Wrap Up

We hope you've enjoyed reading about the Chicken And Swiss Roller Tray from Costco. Please visit their website if you want to find out more about this product or if you want to learn more about the many other products available at Costco. Happy shopping!