I was excited to try the Catalina Crunch at Costco like everybody else. It is a perfect choice for people who like healthy food without sugar, and it is a perfect item for all of them.

Catalina Crunch At Costco-Complete Guide 2022

Catalina is a great company for the Keto sold at Costco. It describes how a person with diabetes who wanted to eat and crave delicious cereal without added sugar founded the business.

Catalina Crunch cereal's components are usually organic, derived from plants. For those who are vegan or trying to follow the Keto diet, this cereal is perfect for all of you. It is also free of grains and gluten. It uses several healthy nutrients, such as pea protein, a plant-based protein that helps you feel full. It also contains monk fruit and stevia to sweeten the cereal and maintain its low-carb status.

  • Costco item number 1476711
  • USD 9.99 (on sale for $7.49)
  • 0 grams of sugar.
  • 11 grams of protein.
  • 9 grams of fibre.
  • Keto friendly.
  • Gluten and grain free.
  • Vegan (100% plant-based)

About Catalina Snacks:

It has the most delicious snacks, perfect for all the keto-followers. Here is a list of the ingredients that this cereal contains:

1: Catalina flour

2: Fibre

3: Rot fibre

4: Tapioca Flour

5: Natural flavours

6: Calcium Carbonate

7: Stevia and monk fruit extracts

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Nutritional Facts:

It is perfect in almost all aspects, so everyone can enjoy its taste as its only serving size is ½ cup and contains 110 calories. As mentioned earlier that it is made up of organic ingredients and extracts. So, it is perfect for maintaining weight and nutritional intake because 110 calories don't matter much.

Nutritional Facts

Inside the Bag:

The 20-ounce zip-lock resealable bag used for the Costco Keto cereal is substantial. To keep the cereal fresh, it's convenient that the bag may be resealed.

Catalina Crunch Cereal Taste:

It resembled Cinnamon Toast Crunch in both appearance and scent. The cereal initially tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but shortly after taking my first bite, I detected a very strong stevia aftertaste. In all honesty, I enjoyed the cereal's flavor and the fact that it was so crunchy, but I don't care for the artificial sweetener's aftertaste.

Fair enough, people don't consume any artificial sweeteners. Yes, plenty of people love and use stevia. Some people have tried it in the past but have yet to pass it. They don't eat foods filled with sugar, instead using artificial sweeteners. Sometimes, it upsets the stomach as well.

Those people think after looking at the ingredients not to eat it, but if they haven't looked at them and just ate the cereal, it's great. They would have surely loved the taste, and if they had seen it, they would have missed the most delicious cereal.

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What Others Thought:

According to some research and after some reviews, It is rated an average of 4 stars. As you know, it tastes superb, so why can anyone rate it less? It has a lot of amazing reviews related to its product. Some people like this cereal and think it tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Why Few Netizens Doubted that Is this keto-friendly or not?

Netizens Doubted that Is this keto-friendly or not

Although it is perfect in taste, a netizen claimed someone urged caution in an Instagram post's comments. It is not Keto because it contains potato starch. This claim must be investigated, especially because the cereal makes it clear that it is keto-friendly.

They appear to be pointing out that the cereal's Catalina flour has "potato fiber" in the ingredient list that can be viewed on the product page.

But, later, the doubt was cleared and also declared keto-friendly. So, everyone who is even on a keto diet can also eat it. However, it includes the first three ingredients of Catalina flour:

Pea protein, potato fiber, and corn fiber. In an article, Catalina Crunch also addressed potato fiber concerns, and Potato Fiber has only 2g net carbohydrates per tablespoon." So the cereal fits into the keto diet.

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What are the ingredients in Catalina Crunch?

Following are some of the ingredients included in Catalina Crunch;

1: Costco item number 1476711

2: USD 9.99 (on sale for $7.49)

3: 0 grams of sugar

4: 11 grams of protein

5: 9 grams of fiber

How many calories does it have in ½ cup?

Its single serving size is ½ cup, and it contains 110 calories.

Wrap Up:

As you all know, Keto is a strict diet, but it allows a few keto-friendly things to eat. If you are a sweet lover, it would have been extremely difficult to live without this cereal. Thanks to Costco for introducing the best quality of Catalina Crunch, which never compromise on quality.